A Paladin's Dream - Part 3

Date Posted: September 6, 2019

Just as Mocho hoped, his news perked Amon up. There was even genuine congratulations in his voice when he said it.

“It’s thanks to you,” the Lalafell told him. “You pointed me in the right direction.”

“Aye, well,” Amon shook his head. “I can’t take all the credit. I knew the lad would steer you right.”

“You mean General Tarupin, again,” Mocho’s voice indicated his doubt.

“Who else?”

“Right, right…”

“You still don’t believe that I met him, do you?” the Elezen chuckled.

“I suppose I’ll humor you right this moment,” Mocho smiled.

Amon leaned back for a moment before inquiring, “Was it difficult? What did they ask? I assume you didn’t just walk in there and get a shiny new sword.”

“No, it wasn’t as easy as that. But it was actually not anywhere as involved as I thought it would be. It seems even the Sultansworn are struggling to stay afloat now days.”


Mocho began to detail the story, of how he was tasked to journey into the deserts of Thanalan. There, he cast a powder into a specific flame, which drew forth – much to his horror – undead creatures.

“I had no choice but to defend myself, and I did,” the Lalafell recounted.

“Sounds like you got set up,” Amon noted drolly.

“Now, now. It’s the duty of a Paladin to fight off such creatures,” Mocho frowned. “But I won’t deny I was surprised that a wild undead battle was the first test of mettle.”

“You must have passed the test, then.”

“I did! And I was given the Paladin soul stone to boot upon my return,” he answered with a hint of pride.

“’Tis splendid news! As long as they don’t keep sending you to hobnob with undead.”

“Agreed.” Mocho chuckled at that. “I doubt they’d make good drinking partners.”

Amon sat quietly for a time before asking, “So, where do things go for you from here.”

“I don’t suppose it’ll be too much different. I’ll be learning the creed and skills from the Sultansworn, but being a free Paladin means I can act on my own,” he mused half to himself. “Well as long as I use that to defend the realm, of course.”

“Sounds like a big job.”

“It is. But I’m not alone in it, right?” Mocho glanced over at the Elezen.

Amon pursed his lips, “No. Of course not.”

The Lalafell took a long breath in through his nose, glancing at the ceiling to gather his thoughts. Then he spoke again, with earnest. “I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye on things. But thank you for helping give me a direction in this.”

“Mmm…” came the expected noncommittal sound.

“Maybe I can return the favor one day,” Mocho offered, though he wasn’t sure how he’d meet such a commitment. Amon was a strange man with aspirations far beyond anything he could imagine. But the Lalafell could see the same unmistakable sense of longing for purpose in his companion that he’d had.

“Perhaps,” the Elezen replied with a lighter tone. Then he gave a slight smile and left it at that.