Parting Ways

Date Posted: July 20, 2018

It felt like so little time passed between the founding of The-Free-Company-With-The-Ridiculous-Name and the day the message from the Steppes arrived for Ajir. Things were just getting organized. They were settling in as a team and learning to work together. They finally had enough gil to live comfortably for a change.

But when your tribe calls - flesh and blood family - one can't turn a blind eye to the need for help. As dedicated as Ajir was to ensuring Zuri, Mocho - and now Koh - were protected, he knew he was faced with a choice. A hard one... but the outcome was obvious from the moment the message came.

What worried the Samurai the most was leaving these innocents in the hands of Amon. Though Zuri was oblivious and impossibly attached to him, and Koh spent time interrogating ...ahem... researching his character... Ajir still had no sense of certainty as to what the Elezen's motivations were. If something were to happen to the others because he wasn't there...

All these things rolled through Ajir's mind as he waited at the Limsa docks to board the waiting ship back to Kugane. Maybe that's why he was grateful to see Koh come to see him off.

"You didn't invite the others?" she asked, looking around in surprise.

"I already said my good-byes to Zuri and Mocho," Ajir told her.

Koh gave him a knowing smile. "You just didn't want to see Zuri cry. Admit it."

"This is hard enough." Ajir grunted. Then he added what was really on his mind. "I'm leaving the lambs with the lion."

She took a moment before she responded. "You're really worried about Amon."

"I am," the dark Au Ra leaned back on his heel. "He may not be a threat now, but he has the potential to become one. And not just to us."

Koh peered out at the lapping waves. Working up the courage to speak her thoughts, she picked her words quietly.

"A lot of people have the potential to do terrible things. But on the other hand, that can also become a vast potential to do good." She spread her hands, looking up at the Samurai. "I'm no Warrior of Light, that's for sure! And there's a lot of powers at work in this world - most we can't begin to understand. That's why we have to do what we can with what we've been given."

"Which is?"

She folded her hands with a thoughtful look. "I know you don't see the value of my research, but I don't ask Amon questions only to gather knowledge. I'm trying to get him to talk about things. Keeping it all to himself the way he does is bad for anyone. Especially someone who has seen the things he has."

"Amon therapy," Ajir laughed a little at this. "Does it work?"

"Not always," Koh sighed. "But, I think he's coming around. He made me buy him supper last night."

"Oh, how gentlemanly of him."

She laughed, rocking back on her heels. "Hey, progress is progress."

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the bells on the ship dock. Ajir looked up, knowing it meant his time there was coming to a close.

He frowned gently at Koh. "Please watch over Zuri and Mocho."

"I'll do my best," Koh nodded, trying to look confident about it.

"I know you will," he gave a brief smile, hoisting his pack over one shoulder. "Look me up if you're ever in the Steppes."

"Farewell, Ajir." She gave him a little wave as he strode away. "May you ever walk in the light of the crystal."