Q & A: Tomestones

Date Posted: July 23, 2018

Koh opens her book, pen posed for writing. She eyes Amon from over the pages.

"So, let's start by talking about tomestones," she gets straight to the point.

"Mmmkay." He looks bored. Or disappointed in the topic. She can't really tell.

"We have it that tomestones were storage media for Allagan information."


"How do you feel seeing them turned into a form of currency for current day adventurers?" Koh asks.

Amon takes a deep breath through his nose. "Honestly, the idea that your people purchase what's considered to be some of the most powerful gear available in your time... with copies of Nite Nite, Dalamud: Bedtime Stories for Kids and Six Ways to Cook Allagan Snails... is pretty ludicrous. I suppose without the proper reader and cipher, you can't know much about what's on the tomes. So, I don't really blame anyone for thinking they're all valuable."

Koh perks up. "Can you tell what's written on a tome? Like if I were to show you one right here?"

"I could try," Amon shrugs.

She fumbles around and brings out a handful of tomestones for Amon to see. He picks them up one-by-one and purses his lips. It's hard to tell with a mask obscuring his eyes, but she believes he's examining each of them.

"Sooo?" Koh leans forward in anticipation.

"This appears to be a comic book collection," Amon holds one up.

"A what?"

"And this..." he shakes his head. "Some sort of worthless self-help drivel."

Koh leans over the tome, trying to see what he's seeing.

"And..." Amon pauses, holding up another. Even under the mask, she can sense his eyebrows raising. "Koh... I had no idea you were into collecting such bawdy material."

"W-what?" Her eyes widen in shock.

He just makes a low sound in the back of his throat. "Quite naughty, indeed."

"Oh my gods, are you saying Allgans had..." Koh chokes, face turning every shade of red. Then she flails with her hands. "No, don't answer that! You keep that one!"

Amon breaks out into a barking laugh. "Just kidding!"

When he tosses the offending tomestone to her, she still almost drops it in disgust anyway.

"I can't really tell you what's on any of these without a proper tome reader," he grins impishly.

"What? You mean you were just..."

His grin stretches wider in response.

Today's Lesson: You have no idea what's written on those tomestones you're trading in...