Restoration: Dragon's Evaluation

Date Posted: September 5, 2018

“So, Mr. Judge, Jury and Executioner, what did you think of that?”

Though Koh had gone to freshen up, leaving Amon to himself, the Elezen knew he wasn’t fully alone. Just as he predicted, the tiny dragon shimmered into existence at his goading.

“You almost killed me, you know. You could at least feel a little bad about it,” Amon set aside his device and focused his attention on the creature.

-After all that thy kind hast done to mine kin, I thinkest not.-

“Alright. But I survived your test, so that has to count for something.”

-In the end, all this hath proven is that thou hast resourceful companions.-

Amon rubbed the bridge of his nose with a disgusted sound.



-This also proveth that thy companions have found worth in thy relations. And that thou hast the ability to return this without selfish thought.-

“Don’t say that too loud or someone might actually think ’tis true,” Amon smirked.

-Thou mayest jest, but ‘tis what stays my judgement for now.-

“Three cheers for the power of friendship,” he retorted. But then, he realized that statement echoed something his Other said in one of his nightmares, and he quickly regretted the joke.

-I also observe that thou art beginning to second guess thyself.-

Amon snorted over the top of a parchment, pretending to be bored with the conversation. “Just your imagination.”

-‘Tis a good thing, Allagan. Thou hast potential… mayhaps.-

“Sure… sure…” He began to roll the parchment back up with disinterest.

This seemed to annoy the dragon slightly. –Doth thou not taketh anything seriously?-

“Does it matter? You’ve already decide that I’m a lost case. You’re just dragging this out for your own amusement.”

Midgardsormr fell quiet for a moment.

-Dost thou judge me to be cruel and biased?-

“Are you?”

-Thou wouldst be better served being concerned for thyself. Thy next trial will not be so easily overcome.-

Amon just grumbled and went back to his research.