Final Farewell

Date Posted: December 14, 2019

It felt like ages since Amon had left the comfort of their Free Company infirmary. Not that it was an unpleasant place to be. But it was still nice to walk around freely and have a change in scenery.

After considering Scylla’s words on the topic of his aether illness diagnosis, his first call to action was to return to his room and begin to rearrange. Despite the Elezen’s words to his rival, he had no intention on rolling over and giving in to this ailment without a fight.

That meant he had to figure out a way to set up a lab worthy of holding the equipment that would be required to not just siphon aether in a safe and reliable fashion, but to also direct it back into the lifestream where it belonged.

This… was not a simple task.

This… required precision work.

Like cutting an infection out of the body, if any of the tainted aether was left behind during the procedure, it would defeat the purpose. But at the same time, enough aether needed to remain to keep his bodily functions moving. Perhaps, this would even call for an infusion of life-aether.

This… required resources and technology that did not currently exist within his reach.

Amon rubbed the bridge of his nose with pursed lips. That’s when he heard the familiar, goading voice that tended to float just out of his reach.

-Thou appeareth to be in a bind, Allagan.-

The Elezen narrowed his eyes and only offered the tiny form of Midgardsormr half a glance. He didn’t speak, despite the words that welled up in his mind.

-Thou dost intend to barter thy science for thy life?-

“Aye,” Amon finally answered, keeping his words short and his tone flat.

-I expected no less.-

The Elezen gave the dragon another look, this time a longer one. Something felt… off. Even the creature’s usually jeering tone was somewhat subdued. It may have been a trick of the light, but Midgardsormr appeared less… substantial. For lack of a better word.

“You’ve come to gloat, I take it?”

-No,- came the unexpected answer.

“Well, you were the one who caused this to begin with.”

-No.- The answer repeated.

Amon’s brow furrowed with frustration. “I was fine until you did whatever you did.”

-‘Twas a matter of time before ‘twould have gone this path on its own.-

The dragon appeared to be candid. So, Amon let up on his verbal defenses just a little.

“So why are you here?” the Elezen asked.

-I intended to offer what encouragement I may… as much as thou might accept.-

The bard frowned with furrowed brows. This wasn’t making a lot of sense. When he didn’t reply, Midgardsormr continued.

-I hath long observed you, as you well knoweth. Though ‘twas ever my intent to judge you based on the past as well as the present and future, ‘twill not be possible.-

Amon’s face crinkled up even more. “Why not?”


The dragon paused, lingering on distant thoughts. Or perhaps losing track of what he was saying.

Either way, the Elezen prompted. “You…?”

-Struggling in battles unbeknowest to most of this world, I hath exhausted mine energies. I must once more resolve myself to slumber.-

This was making less and less sense.

“You’re leaving?” Amon attempted to clarify.

-I must.-

“You’re just leaving me to die like this?” he muttered. 

-‘Twas never my intent to intervene. Thou art the master of thy own future.-

The Elezen huffed and crossed his arms. “Figures.”

For a flicker of a moment, the dragon’s tone became almost sympathetic.

-For now, I hath judged thee worth of thy time in Eorzea. I recognize potential for thee to do good should thee removeth thy head from thy neither regions.-

Amon opened his mouth, partially insulted and partially impressed at the backhanded compliment. Leave it to Midgardsormr to ensure that even something nice had a bit of a bite to it.

“I suppose I should be honored.”

-Perhaps,- the dragon’s tone had turned weary now. -Or perhaps thou hast won this round, Allagan. And I must now leave this world to thy care. So thou hast best find a remedy to thy illness. I expect thee to stand in my stead once you’ve resolved your personal issues.-

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” he asked, a slightly stunned sound creeping into his voice.

-When am I not serious?-

“I see…”

-‘Tis sadness I sense?-

“No,” the Elezen cleared his throat and hardened his expression. “I’ll be glad to be rid of your meddling mouth!”

-Of course.-

Amon gave a watery smile, not sure what to say from there.

Midgardsormr just snapped, the tilt of his head indicating his attempt at humor. -When next I wake, if I findeth thou hast betrayed my trust, I shall melt thy precious Tower to the ground.-

This caused a laugh to escape the Elezen, in spite of himself. “I’d like to see you try.”

Shimmers of aether-light had already begun to form around the tiny dragon’s form. Amon watched as they lazily floated with almost a peaceful quality towards the ceiling.

-Challenge accepted, Allagan.-

The voice drifted away on the aether particles, the last of Midgardsormr’s projected form fading from view.

…Be well…-

And then, Amon was completely alone.