Spot of Mummery

Welcome to the Spot of Mummery story page! Story parts are numbered and should be read in the order posted below.

Note: I began writing this story in the summer of 2018, before Shadowbringers launched, and before the changes to Amon’s known canon appeared in Endwalker.

Due to these changes, I’ve had to tweak some minor things about this story. Namely, now that I know the Amon defeated in Syrcus Tower was a clone. This means that the Amon I write about came from that clone – but in order to make it fit this story, Amon’s not aware of this fact yet. He still very much believes he is THE Amon.

Since I have years worth of writing that happened before Endwalker, it won’t be until much, much later in my story that Amon will learn his truths. Thanks for understanding this in advance!