Syrcus Tower - Part 4

Date Posted: November 13, 2018

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

“We… we came all this way… can’t just give up… only tried once…”

Amon knew he was stammering, trying to piece words together and communicate, while his mind was reeling full speed in the background, making this normally easy thing to do so much harder.

He was wracking his memory for any other obscure requirements or rules about opening the gates, but he couldn’t remember if there were any. This was never something he had to worry about before.

It was pretty early into his career when he was augmented with energies that were required to control bits and pieces of the Tower. Eventually, he was able to expand this control to something like royalty had – as was proof in the fact that he had the power to place the whole Tower into slumber as he did.

Only… his very own brilliant idea was now his own worst enemy.

“I need more time…” The Elezen pleaded, brows knitting as he peered at Scylla. Perhaps acting the part of the muddled patient would buy him what he required. “Please? I’ve overlooked something. I just know it!”

More time? What do you mean more time!? I want out of this crazy haunted tower adventure!

“Amon, It’s not working.”

She bit her lip, carefully holding her composure as she pressed her hands again and again against the tower doors as if to emphasize her point.

“We had a deal.” She scratched her nose as she continued with a stern stare. “You promised to accompany back to the healers in Gridania if this turned out not to work. Are you trying to get out of your promise?”

“No, I’m not breaking my promise. I’m just…” Amon motioned towards the doors, struggling to find the proper words.

How could she not feel anything? How come the energies of the Tower didn’t speak to her the way even he felt it… despite wearing an item that blocked the majority of his own aetherflow. He just couldn’t understand it.

The Elezen traced the symbols and ancient writing inlaid upon the gold sheen with one finger. Even though he felt like everything was falling through his fingers, he tried to talk logic.

“The sun will be setting soon, and the land is already dangerous enough by day. We’re safe here. Out there, ’tis no promise we’ll get to a settlement in one piece,” Amon gave her that appealing, half-defeated look again. “Give me one night. If I can’t figure it out… then… I’ll go wherever you want me to go.”

He’s persistent. I’ll give him that. But he’s right that we can’t get to St. Coinach by the end of the day.

Scylla sighed and put down her pack.

“Alright, Amon.” She pointed out towards the exit. “We camp here tonight, but we leave by morning, whether or not you choose to get any sleep.”

“Very well.” Amon nodded, taking a deep breath.

He only had a few hours to figure out what went wrong before the window of opportunity with Scylla closed. As he took a step towards the doors, he knew sleep would not be an option.