Terms & Conditions - Part 2

Date Posted: February 28, 2019

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Amon’s face paled slightly as Scylla spoke. Still, he didn’t know what to say… even more so now that she so freely talked of the atrocities he’d committed… to the very people he was trying to win over.

Thankfully, he didn’t need to say anything.

“What a fine mess you’ve gotten yourselves into,” Koh’s voice had changed, signifying she was no longer herself. That Noah had stepped up to make her observations of the situation. “And who’s to wonder why the Eorzeans chose to close the Tower after they saw what terrors lay within. One cannot blame them.”

She shook her head sadly.

“Had it not been for the steadfast spirits of my students, who knows where all this could have led to. ‘Tis a shame that this was the first and last impression the modern people got of our Empire.”

Noah’s gaze held Amon for a moment, and then Scylla.

“Until now.” She pursed her lips. “I have researched the memories of those who battled within the Tower. I’m deeply saddened to know that this is what we became in the end. People with so… very much… potential… backbiting, thirsting for power and fame, abusing their positions… and closing the chapter on a time of such moral corruptness.”

Now she shot Amon a look. “But to continue to persist in foolishness that would leak that horror back into this world. Where were your thoughts!? Obviously, you had none, or they all centered on what was to be gained for yourself!”

At this point, Amon found himself getting to his feet, flustered. He placed both hands on the table and leaned in Noah’s direction. “Don’t lecture me! You who are complacent to sit by and merely observe. What have you tried to do… in the name of Allag! Nothing!”

“Correct,” Noah crossed her arms. “Nothing. Because these people deserve their world unblemished with the blight that our own would spread.”

She then turned towards Scylla with a frown. “What are your thoughts on this, Your Highness? Should the Tower awake again… with Amon as its master as he so desires?”

Amon grumbled. “That’s unfair. This is a loaded question!”

“Koh? What?”

Scylla opened her mouth, lurching away from the table in surprise, completely derailing the entire conversation. There had been a sudden change in demeanor. The aether in the room twisted and churned around the catgirl into a completely new patterning.

I’ve heard of this before… Greater Possession.

A completely different person had surfaced behind the Miqo’te’s visage. And in her mind, she was one-hundred percent sure who was behind this. Only one person that she knew would be so bold to use types of forbidden knowledge.

“Greater Possession!? Sacrilege! AMON!”

Scylla stood out of her chair and grabbed Amon, wincing as she put too much weight on her still tender ankle. Anger coursed through her cheeks as she pulled him down nose to nose.

“Oh! It wasn’t bad enough that you had to bring me into your plans, but now have Koh dragged into your web of deceit!?” She shook him back and forth in anger. “Who is it? One of your loyal voidsent? Perhaps Xande 2.0?”

“W-what?!” Amon stammered as Scylla grabbed him and demanded answers that he didn’t fully have. All he did know was he was innocent of this turn of events. “Why are you blaming me? I had nothing to do with this!”

Noah’s face twisted slightly in a look of distaste. “Do you actually mistake me for one of his abominations? Please!”

The cat-girl took a pose that could probably have rivaled one of Amon’s in terms of arrogance.

“I am Noah. The Grand Allagan Archmage… A little bit before your time, but you have probably heard of me. And if you have not, then I should scold your Archmagus trainers for doing you a disservice, Princess Scylla.”

Scylla turned to look at the Lalafell with an exasperated look, still holding onto Amon’s shirt. “Don’t tell me… You are Phlegethon?” 

Mocho’s face was stricken with shock, mouth slightly open as he gaped at the three of them. He managed to squeak out, “Who?”

Noah sighed softly, walked over and patted the Lalafell on the head. “I’m afraid this is all new to Mocho, as well. I apologize… it’s Koh’s wish that we don’t advertise this shared experience to others unless it’s most needed.”

“I… don’t understand…” He whispered, eyes wide in the realization that he now dealt with three Allagans, instead of the one he’d been hired to spy on.

“It’s okay,” She told him gently, with a soft patience her kind was not known for. “I’ll tell you all about it when we have the time. Right now, we have higher priority items.”

Mocho closed his mouth with a forced expression, and mutely nodded. Still taken clearly off guard, he didn’t appear to be too comfortable with his current company.