Within the Lab - Part 3

Date Posted: May 4, 2020

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Scylla watched the Elezen quiet down as he looked at the writing. She allowed herself a little smirk, as he came to the sudden realization that all that would be left was shredded Amon and a couple of long ears.

“Well then… since we don’t have time to waste, why don’t you go and make some tea like a good assistant, since I will be forced to sort through this mess.

She gave him a jesting smile, throwing Amon just a slight hint of mirth.

Amon puffed his cheeks at first in response to Scylla’s uppity attitude. The thought of tea, however, was a pleasant one, and overwrote his desire for a snide response to being her assistant.

“What kind of tea do you fancy?” he asked, realizing he really didn’t know. In fact, there was very little he did know about her.

Then he tossed back a phrase she’d spoken earlier that he had actually heard, despite the fact he’d flown into an unnecessary fluster.

“After all, I do my best work when I’m working together with someone who cares about me, aye?” The Elezen lifted an eyebrow, sliding his gaze to look at her slyly. “So… by that definition, will this be some of my best work, oh great Lab Lead?” 


Scylla looked around, a little unsure and off-balance. She wasn’t expecting Amon to acquiesce to her request.

“Well… how about some of that Yanxia Green blend that Zuri brought from home?” 

She bit the end of her stylus as she looked at the work, flipping through the pages.

“As for the quality of the work… it better be the best we can muster… if you want to live.”

“Aye,” Amon answered her somberly. But then he shook himself out, covering it with a smile. “Yanxian Green. You have fair taste in tea, Princess.”

The Elezen strode to the tea kettle he’d rigged to a fire-crystal powered heater for faster boiling, and set the water to brewing. He found his gaze drifting from it to the woman who had now pushed her way into residency within his lab.

It was a peculiar feeling… he wasn’t used to the presence of another person so nearby. And certainly not so near to his research and creations!

But she seemed to want to help. And for what reward? What did she seek in return for helping to save his life?

Still, he was in no position to—

The high-pitched whistle of the kettle brought him back from his thoughts. He fumbled with the tea cups and the blend, but managed to make them both some tea… and not spill it on his way back. Sitting down next to Scylla, Amon placed her cup on the table.

He was all business again.

“Alright… so explain just how you expect to get the proper frequency should we alter the draw of the crystal energy by routing it the long way like that…”