Yanxia: Training Montage

Date Posted: September 29, 2018

[Yet another subtle time-skip]

Amon not only took up Fukudo’s offer of learning svadhyaya, but he threw himself into it with a fervor that not even he expected. He quickly learned this was more than series of motions and poses – it was a completely different way of seeing oneself in connection with your own form and the world around you.

At first, the exercises taxed his disobedient body. But as suns came and went, Amon learned to be more respectful of what he was… even if it was based upon a clone. He of all people knew the intricacies that went into creating such forms. And though a clone was nothing but a shadow of the original, there was some value to be found there.

To his surprise, the kinder he regarded his form, the better it seemed to perform. It might have been wishful thinking. It might have been his imagination. It could have just been a fluke. But it sure did seem to improve… something. It was just hard, if not impossible, to think that changing his mindset could improve his physical capabilities.

By no means would he ever be the most coordinated individual on the planet, but anything was better than what he was before. Even eating with chopsticks had become easier.

Then, one day, Amon realized that he’d stayed in Namai for several moons. And though this place offered peace and healing, he knew that he didn’t belong there permanently. The world beyond beckoned him back. There were still promises to keep and people waiting.

The only question, he was well aware, was how many of them would be crossing back over the Ruby Sea.