Amon's Tea and Tomes
Welcomes You!

You enter a cozy tea room where soft music drifts to meet your ears. On one side, you see a wide wooden stage that's draped with long curtains of red and gold.

The other side of the room hosts several short, round tables and comfy chairs which welcome you to sit and stay a while. Various small sandwiches and delicious looking snacks have been carefully arranged to greet you.

A counter is nestled in the front corner of the room upon which the Tomestone Hypermedia Extraction Mechanism (T.H.E.M.) -s- hums and whirs. A long couch rests behind the counter where a set of strange tools and a bookshelf of odds-n-ends indicate that this is where the Tome identification takes place.

Tome Appraisal Archives

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Welcome to Amon's Tea and Tomes!

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Would you like to back up your Tome's data?
In the case that your Tome contains important data or is in such a condition that data might be lost soon, I provide a FREE backup service to an SDTome that can be read by most common Tome phones.

Would you like to donate Gil to Tea and Tomes? Enter an amount below.
(Note: This is just for RP purposes and NOT real in-game Gil!)

Totally Optional RP Time!
Write up a short RP about your character requesting a tome appraisal and Amon will RP back to you in his return post! RP efforts get an additional entry to the giveaway!

The Fine Print

I will do my utmost to care for your Tome while in the process of scanning the data contained within. However, I'm not responsible for Tomes that are broken or malfunctioning - these relics are thousands of years old so it isn't unusual that your Tome may not work at all.

Providing me with your Tome for accessment also gives me permission to create a copy of any data I deem useful or interesting. Original data will always be left in tact on your Tome.


Total Gil Donated: 561,455
Total Gil Left in Savings: 479,455

Gil Invested Back into Services

  • 20,000 gil - Backup Functionality Added to T.H.E.M.
  • 1,000 gil - Purchased SDTomes to provide backup services
  • 50,000 gil - Purchased enhancements for encryption breaking for T.H.E.M.
  • 1000 gil - General shop expenditures
  • 3000 gil - Aetherolectric Guitar