From the Client

“Oh, ah, hello again Amon!” I found a few of these laying about in a dungeon I was in that was totally unrelated to what we’d dug up in Mor Dhona. But you mentioned your little device can see all sorts of data and other information on these things, and rather than just sending it to Rowena without a second glance, I figured I’d send it your way? Please see the above notes (I hope they’re legible) for more information on it! Also, a little lemon in my teat, if you please.”

Tome Attributes: Aetherically infused runes (so you said). You also said there is data on these. What does mine say?? Oh, that’s not really a trait, is it… It’s blue, and hexagonal? And hums faintly.

Gil Donation: I’ve got 1500 gil here, I hope that’s enough? I spent the rest on this new bow…

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Amon smiled widely at his first customer – a little surprised to see who it was. So Eolyn had some faith in the little device he’d mentioned to her during their travels in Mor Dhona.

“Welcome to my humble shop! ‘Tis always a pleasure to see you, my friend,” the Elezen gave a slight bow before quickly taking her order for tea.

Lavender Law with a little lemon. That was a lot of alliteration all in one tea, he chuckled to himself.

Once the tea was fixed and served, along with an offering of a few small baked treats on a nearby plate, Amon got straight to work. It was the first time he’d get to test his device out on a truly random Tome, and this was quite exciting!

He inserted the Tome carefully, taking a step back and allowing it to hum and whir. Looking across the room, he told Eolyn, “‘Twill only be a few minutes, should the Tome be readable. Not all data has survived the ages, after all, but obviously enough has to make Tomes a valuable trade.”

The device – it really needed a name – gave a happy ping as a summary of contents began to light up the screen behind Amon’s counter. The Allagan leaned in, scanning the words with lowered brows and rubbing his chin.

Appraisal Outcome

While the Tome itself is still of good working condition, the data quality on the Tome appears to be something that’s been degraded due to being copied over many, many times. I’d say this document has been widely distributed at one point — my best guess either amongst the commoner class of Allag or by one of the tribes of people Allag once conquered.

The content itself is rather interesting… the topic being roughly translated to: The Wonder and Enigma of Spiritual Beings.

Somewhat supernatural and occult nonsense, if you want my opinion.

Value: Does it have value? Well, maybe to the right collector it could. But I wouldn’t doubt any collector who has interest in this topic probably owns a similar copy of this data since it’s been so widely distributed.

I’m afraid my suggestion to you is to chuck it in with your usual Tome haul. Or keep it if you’re really interest in that sort of thing.

Additional Musings: Mayhaps I should try to find a way to copy data so that the client can read it. I wonder if I could setup a fast-clone system to Tomephones…

“I’m sorry I couldn’t pull up something more interesting from this Tome for you. It does seem to be in excellent physical condition as you noted,” Amon carefully handed the Tome back to Eolyn. “If you ever have any other Tomes of interest, you can always bring them here!

“Also, thank you also for the donation! This was generous and quite unexpected! Mayhaps I can put this towards that data fast-clone procedure I’m thinking about putting into place…”