Drop Off Client

This client preferred not to stay for tea or to stop and chat. That’s fine — folks are busy sometimes, after all!

Amon still dutifully scanned the Tome that the client left in his care and gathered information to provide a detailed report once the client returned.

Appraisal Outcome

Hm… I had to rattle the Tome around a bit to get it to read at all. It’s seen better days, my friend. That being said, the content that I could manage to read – some of it has degraded completely over time – appears to be written by a little-known amateur in the field.

The topic contained within, or at least what I could understand of it, is titled: Self Destruction and Self Creation.

Value: I’m afraid that I don’t see this Tome fetching much value both due to the degraded data and the uncertain origins of the writer. My suggestion is to take it in with the rest of your Tome turn-ins and keep searching for something more valuable.

Thank you kindly for allowing me to scan your Tome, however! And your donation is most appreciated!