From the Client

Stepping inside hesitantly, the black-clad Lalafell looked around before slowly approaching the desk.

“Um..hello,” she said, amethyst eyes peering over the edge of the desk as she raised herself up on tiptoes and set a tomestone with silver and pink circuitry on the counter. “I found this in the Dravanian Hinterlands, between Saint Mocianne’s and Alexander…and being the curious sort I am, I figured maybe I should see what was on it before that moogle in Ul’dah stared pestering me for it.”

Looking around again she pursed her lips. “And can I have a Caramel Creation too please?”

Tome Attributes: Silver and pink circuitry

Gil Donation: 500

Tea Order: Caramel Creation

Amon peered over counter at his newest client with a welcoming smile, “Greetings to you! I am Amon of the Tea and Tomes and I would be more than happy to see what mysteries your Tome contains. Certainly, you’re wise to find its value before handing it off to the Moogles, my friend!”

He set about fixing her Caramel Creation and set it on the table next to the baked snacks. “I admit, sometimes I like to put a little extra sugar or honey into this particular tea. The sweeter the better, so please help yourself to additions of your choice!”

The Elezen then settled down on his squishy couch behind the screens of the newly-named T.H.E.M. and went straight to work setting up a scan for the Tome’s particular shape and size.

Appraisal Outcome

Well, the Tome connected without any issue, so ’tis a working data device. That’s something good to note. The data also appears to be in good condition and I don’t see any loss from what my scans are reporting. There’s some signs that this is at least a copy of a copy of a copy, so I’d expect this was somewhat a common piece for its time. There may be a number more out there similar to this tome.

A rough translation of the topic reads: Dictionary of Secret and Other Societies – Compiled by Minas Makrotsis

I’ll note that there’s no knowing who this Minas Makrotsis was, or if he was actually the true author of the work. I know that several pieces of common writing were… let’s say… “adopted” and altered from the original. Especially when you get one that’s been “compiled by.”

Value: This seems to be a common work and due to the signs of data copy, is certainly not the original. We also can’t tell if the content within have been altered from the original and added to. However, the topic of what might have been secret and other societies (that OTHER has me curious) of Allagan times might garner some interest from historians. I don’t think Tome collectors are going to be beating down your door for this, but it is a very interesting find none-the-less!

Amon returned the Tome to the Lalafell with a report of his findings. “I’d think ’tis better that Moogles don’t get their paws on any ideas about secret societies. Though, ’tis up in the air whether they’ve actually got a few of their own.”

He chuckles at that thought.

“Thank you so much for bringing your discovery by! It may not make you a ton of gil this time, but I’d be more than happy to scan another for you in the future. Stay safe out there and thank you for your kind donation!”