From the Client

A miqo’te woman enters the tearoom and approaches the tomestones desk. She has the gear and bearings of a weathered treasure hunter, so it is no surprise that she has an item for appraisal. From within a protective pouch, she produces a Tomestone of Scripture, which appears worn but in otherwise good condition. On the back of the device, characters she does not recognize have been inscribed.

“Perhaps you can tell me more about this and what it contains,” she says pleasantly, her thick Ul’dahn accent clear. “So that I can understand it’s value.”

Tome Attributes: Symbols etched into the back. Initials possibly?

Gil Donation: 5-10k gil, depending on details revealed and work required. (?)

Tea Order: Rooibos Revelations

Amon peered up from the book he’d been reading, putting a scrap of parchment in to hold his place. With a smile of greeting, he got to his feet and addressed his newest client. She appeared to be as sharp one who had been around the block a few times.

“Greetings, friend,” he told her with a wave of one hand towards the comfy low tables. “Please make yourself comfortable and I shall make quick work of telling you the value of your finds!”

The Elezen offered her a rooibos tea while she waited, then got straight to work on deciphering her Tome. He could sense that she might give a nice reward if his assessment was to her liking, but he intended to tell her the truth of what he found.

Appraisal Outcome

Ah, ’tis indeed a Tome of Scripture. As you might know, Allagans were not keen on faith and belief, so to see written thoughts about such topics is not always easy to find. Though the Tome has seen some outer wear, the data within has been kept quite safe throughout the ages. In fact, I see very little that tells me this isn’t an authentic edition of this writing – quite rare indeed!

The topic is also a mouthful: Journal of Religion and Behavioral Sciences – A Publication for Creative Change Within Religious and Other Social Systems

Value: Indeed, this is a topic that would be of interest to the historians! But even moreso, I’d wager you could strike a bargain with Tome collectors who seek rarity and likely make a solid profit from it.

Amon returns the Tome to its owner, also offering a parchment along with it. “‘Tis a list of Tome collectors across the city-states. I’ve marked a few who might have interest in this particular topic. You seem the sort to be able to wrangle a deal on your finds. My suggestion is to reach out to a few of them for quotes and see if you get a nice return on your find. Good luck!”