From the Client

“Master Amon, My name is Yume Garlond. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am here on behalf of my husband, Cid Garlond, and as a representative of the Garlond Ironworks. He requested that this tome be appraised for it’s purpose, for he has never seen a tome quite like this one before. Any information that you can provide would be most helpful.”

Tome Attributes: Has several scratches and scuff marks

Gil Donation: 2,000

Tea Order: Matcha Mythology

Amon instantly perks up at hearing his newest client’s name and connection to the Garlond family and Ironworks. He’d not expected to welcome such important individuals at his humble little shop!

“Lady Garlond, ’tis my honor to meet and assist you!” The Elezen quickly gives a nearby table a bit of a polish as he pulls the chair out for her. “I will do my utmost to give your Tome a quality and data check, and not take any more of your time than needed.”

He then served her a deep green matcha, hand-wisped before her eyes. Once he was sure Yume was comfortable, he sat down at his counter and got to work.

Appraisal Outcome

This Tome has seen better days, at least on the outside, but it booted up without a hitch and offered the contents with ease. This looks like a Tome that dates back much later than many – perhaps early Allagan times – so the fact that ’tis still in working condition adds to the rarity. And speaking of rarity, this is quite a unique piece – perhaps even an original draft of such content.

The topic is also unusual: Journal of Ethical Studies – A Publication of the Allagan Association of Ethicists

Aye, I know what you’re thinking, but even some Allagan groups had some thoughts of the definition of ethics… even if that varies from the definition modern folks have. I believe this to be an interesting historical and social concept of study.

Value: I’d wager this to be a Tome of much value to the right circles due to its age and content. My advice to your husband, however, would be to make a copy and extract the data if he has means to do so and wishes to study the content. The less this Tome is forced-accessed the better to preserve it in its age. Nothing lasts forever, after all.

Note to Self: I really need to set up a data copy service for my clients. This would have been a perfect thing for this particular Tome. Mayhaps once I build up enough funds…

Amon returns the Tome to Yume with great care. “I hope that what I uncovered will be of assistance to your husband’s research. I’m a fan of his work, by the way, so I much appreciate your visit! Please feel free to return if you have other Tomes on hand! And know that eventually, I hope to expand service to enable the copy and preservation of content on Tomes such as this.”