From the Client

When Ren had heard of a shop that appraises and reads tomestones, the Story-loving hrothgar found it far too good of an opportunity to pass up. he had always wondered what was on some of these things…

The curtain was parted easily enough, the Leonine man taking a deep breath of the scent of tea mingling with the faint scent of machinery, this was clearly the den of a person of culture as well as intelligence. at least it was either not a scam… or a really good one. either way, he felt Tobias would get along with this person very well.

“Uhm… Hello? I’m here for an appraisal. I hope i’m not making a bother.” he called tentitvely, wondering just what kind of person the shopkeep was. Such was the adventuring life.

Tome Attributes: A small inset crystal, blue in color, appears to purely decorative.

Gil Donation: 1,000

Tea Order: Strawberry Apple Soldiery

Amon looked up at the sound of someone approaching, eyebrows lifting at the sight of the Hrothgar. He hadn’t had a lot of dealings with the large felines, so this was an exciting prospect to him.

“Welcome, welcome! No problem at all, sir. ‘Tis what I’m here for,” the Elezen flashed a wide smile and fixed the Hrothgar a welcome cup of Strawberry Apple. He had to fish around for a larger teacup to accommodate, but once that was sorted, he offered the tea along with any sweetener his client might like.

Amon then carefully took the Tome, making noted of the decorative blue crystal with curiosity, and set up T.H.E.M. for the reading.

Appraisal Outcome

I admit I’ve not seen a decorated Tome in a good while. Surprising that the crystal wasn’t dislodged in all this time. The crystal itself doesn’t do anything in particular, but perhaps ’twas a way to mark this Tome to distinguish it from its others.

I get this impression because the data is very clean – perhaps even an original or first edition copy of this document. That within itself makes it for a rare find. But the topic is also one that ’tis celebrated in Allagan culture.

It translates loosely to: Romance of Allag, A Poetry Collection

Written in the earlier days of literary inspiration, ’twas well-known among collectors even of that time.

Value: You have something special on your hands – not just a celebrated copy of a beloved poetry collection, but one that may have been an early edition! I’d say connect with some Tome collectors and see if you can barter for its worth!

“This is a great find, my friend!” Amon complimented as he returned the Tome to its owner. He also provided a sheet with names of collectors, some circled to highlight them. “I encourage you to seek out a few bids on this piece and don’t let them sell you short. Or keep it for yourself if you fancy starting your own Tome collection. Either way, you have a Tome of great interest on your hands.”