From the Client

Flint walked in, carrying a pretty good haul of hunt trophies. But of course, he couldn’t pass an opportunity to heckle his favorite target – the pointy earred jester of the tower.

“Didn’t see you at the hunts today, Amon?” The hunter grinned, flipping the tome on the table. “Were you afraid of breaking your freshly manicured nails?”

Tome Attributes: A white label hastily ripped off with some illegible writing on the top

Gil Donation: 140 (I owed you for last week’s lunch… well, maybe only half of what I owed…)

Tea Order: Strawberry Apple Soldiery

((NOTE: Flint is written by my RP partner, so this is normal “friendly” banter between the two.))

Amon looked up from the book he was reading, his face immediately darkening with a frown.

“Flint,” the Elezen scowled even deeper at the man’s verbal jabs, “‘Tis a serious business undertaking here! Not a place for you to come and track your muddy boots across my nice floor.”

Of course, the man did just toss a something that passed for a Tome on the desk, so… even though Amon was of half a mind to refuse Flint service, he picked the device up and eyed it instead.

“I swear if sticking this grimy thing in my machine causes it any damage, you’re going to be the one who pays for it.”

Amon did what he could to clean up the Tome and blew lightly on the connectors (that’s what everyone used to do, after all) before shoving a Strawberry Apple tea at Flint and getting to work.

Appraisal Outcome

Just as I thought. You brought this to me as a waste of time, haven’t you? Well, lucky for you, the Tome does boot and read, but I’m having a hard time keeping it connected. The data has a lot of gaps in it and corrupted files are rampant. You’re lucky this is running at all.

From what I can make out, the topic seems to be: Freedom and Purpose – Philosophical Perspectives

Likely something from the freedom fighters of the Allagan resistance. Why does that not surprise me?

“‘Tisn’t much more I can say about this Tome, I’m afraid,” Amon handed it back to Flint and hastily worked to clean the connection center of T.H.E.M. afterwards. “And if you think 140 gil is enough to pay for a drink and my services here, much less for half the lunch you owe me, you better get back out there and do some actual hunting.”