From the Client

A dark haired, Raen youth in a mage’s long coat and with an Anima doll perched on one shoulder approaches the proprietor. She offers a humble wave and soft “hello” as she draws the tomestone from a pouch and places it tentatively on the counter.

“If it’s all right, I’ve a tomestone to identify… I didn’t have enough of these ones to trade for anything else back when I could, and I’ll admit, I’ve been wondering what it might have to say.”

Tome Attributes: A foil label imprinted with a faded Allagan letter In one corner

Gil Donation: 750

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Amon welcomes the young Raen with a smile, “Aye, of course ’tis okay – ‘twould be my pleasure, in fact, to explore the content of what’s on your Tome!”

The Elezen offers a chair to her, motioning to the freshly baked goods on the table as he brings over her order of Lavender tea.

“Please help yourself to whatever you fancy. ‘Twas all just made this morning, in fact, and should be at the height of fresh. ‘Twill only take a few minuets to run a scan on your Tome, so if you’ll excuse me?”

With that, Amon headed back to T.H.E.M. and got to work.

Appraisal Outcome

Oh my..! Let me… let me just scan this Tome one more time to be sure.

….I see…

This… is a treasure trove you have, my friend! I’ve not seen a Tome quite like it before – ’tis likely one of a kind! I highly, highly suggest that you take this to the scientific community at once and don’t let them talk you down in price. This is and extremely rare Tome and the study written upon it is worth quite a bit!

The topic translated roughly is: Method for the Analysis of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-Para-Dioxins

Rather dangerous information actually… (something that I’d find highly interesting, myself). Not something that you’d want just anyone to have on hand. So be selective and careful in who you take this to.

Amon quietly makes a backup of the data to his own drive on T.H.E.M. for future before-bedtime reading.

He then brings the Tome back to its owner. “You have some dangerous but valuable information here. I suggest that you bring it to the attention of the scientific community and be strong about requesting a proper price for the exchange. Also, take care in who you bring this to… I suggest an Alchemist whom you’re certain won’t use it for the wrong reasons.”

He then gives her a hand-written parchment with a few names and locations.

“Here, I’d try these people first… see what kind of leads you get from any of them. Good luck to you, and thank you for your donation today. Hopefully this Tome will see that generosity multiplied!”