From the Client

“Oh hello, Sir! I’ve been told you do tome appraisals? I’ve found that tome during one of my expeditions and I had a mind to offer it to my wif…friend but I’d like to know its worth and purpose beforehand. She’s an archeologist, you see. If it holds any historical value, it might save it from being used as a paperweight.”

Tome Attributes: Suspiciously well preserved, faintly glowing in the dark

Gil Donation: 2,000

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Ah, greetings my friend!” Amon welcomed his newest client, nodding as he listed to the explanation. “You’ve come to the right place, I assure you of that! ‘Twould be a shame to have a paperweight that might be of true value. But let us check and see what I can determine from a scan.”

The Elezen set a fresh cup of earl grey down on the table, motioning to the chair with a flourish of one hand.

“Please make yourself at home. ‘Twon’t take very long to complete!”

Appraisal Outcome

Hmm… I’m curious about the glow this Tome gives off. I’ll wager a guess that this was an enhancement made to the Tome. To make it found more easily in a library of Tomes, perhaps? ‘Tis hard to tell.

‘Tis also in extremely good condition and the data is responsive. No loss that I can detect. This may possibly be an original edition of this documentation! I’d say that you have something worthwhile on your hands here.

The topic title translates roughly to: Information Technology as a Competitive Advantage

Interesting. I wonder what kind of advantage – military… monetary…? This might have some very valuable information to those who work with technology! Don’t go using it as a paperweight just yet!

Amon brings the Tome back to his client and offers it carefully. He then pulls out a parchment and begins to make circles around names of possible Tome and technology collectors who might be interested in striking a deal.

“Try some of these people first and see what kind of bids you can get for this. ‘Tis an unusual Tome to look at for one, and the information it contains may be of value to the technological community. Or keep it if you might have a better use for this knowledge!

“Feel free to return if your archeologist friend happens across any other interesting finds!”