From the Client

“Oi, Amon!” Kiri announces her arrival at the desk with a cheerful grin before laying her finding out before her. She leans against the counter, jabbing a curious finger at the device. “What can ya’ tell me about this? It ain’t gunna blow up or nothin’, yea?”

Tome Attributes: Light to mild scratches, worn edges, warm to the touch and buzzes softly like a bumblebee.

Gil Donation: 10,000 and some pocket lint on accident

Tea Order: Papaya Philosophy

“Greetings, Kiri! ‘Tis always a pleasure to see you!” Amon grinned cheerfully at the woman who appeared at the counter. He then tilted his head slightly at the Tome that she put down for him to see and gave it a slight squint. Even though it was soft, he could hear a strange buzzing sound – likely the source of what made her ask if it was on the verge of explosion.

“No….. no… unless a Tome has been meddled with, ’tis no reason for one to explode. But I will say ’tis an odd sound. Mayhaps ’tis one of the later models with the embedded drive for extra storage…” He mused to himself while serving her the papaya tea she ordered.

Appraisal Outcome

Hmmm… ’tis as I suspected. This Tome is one of the rare later models that attempted to add extra storage by having a secondary drive within itself. The only issue is, some of them weren’t so hardy in the long run for being portable storage.

The sound ’tis making is an indication that the drive within is verging on failure. However, because of the failure rates, these Tomes weren’t manufactured long, and are rare when it comes to the technology within. This one did manage to boot up and run upon scan, but I’m uncertain how much longer it will remain functional.

The topic upon the Tome translates to: Memoirs of the Allagan Folk-lore Society

Also not a topic you see everyday. But given that the Tome may fail at any time, I’d not suggest trying to sell it for its data.

However, this might be a Tome of some interest to those who like to deconstruct and learn about Allagan technology. I’d certainly run this by a tech collector and see what they’d give you for it.

Amon returns the Tome to Kiri and offers her a sheet with a few hand-written names of individuals who might be interested in purchasing the Tome for its internal tech. “I’d treat this with care until you can get it to an interested buyer. I’m sure someone will want to take a rare Tome apart to see how it works on the inside!

“Oh, and… thank you for your most generous donation! I hope this appraisal was to your liking!”