From the Client

Eirja slowly walks into the tea room, turning this way and that as she takes in all the unfamiliar sights and sounds. Her ears flatten, and then perk again, before she steps towards the machine. “I found this… I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s dangerous. Should destroy it…” She seems to be talking more to herself than anyone else.

Tome Attributes: Everything about it looks strange to me...

Gil Donation: 500

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Amon tilted his head at the Tome as his client placed it on the counter before him. She seemed quite wary of it and he wondered if it had given her reason to be.

“I doubt the Tome itself is dangerous, my friend,” the Elezen answered, making her some lavender tea in hopes that would ease her concerns some. “But I can check to see what’s on it for you. If you deem the information on it dangerous, you’re more than welcome to destroy it. But it might be worth something to someone. ‘Tis why you brought it here to determine, aye?”

He makes sure that she can see everything he’s doing with T.H.E.M. and her Tome as he carries out the scan. He didn’t want to give her any other reason to be concerned or wary of what he was doing.

Appraisal Outcome

So, in scanning this, what I’m finding is a perfectly normal, common Tome. Nothing to be afraid of at all! The data shows signs of corruption that comes over time, and it was a little hard for my machine to read. I’m not sure how much longer it’ll remain in working condition.

From what I can see, the topic translates to: Annals of the Academy of Law and Social Sciences

As you can see, this is a collection of annually published work of Allagan law and social sciences. This might be of historical interest, but the trouble is, the Tome’s data quality would make it difficult to research from. Nothing at all to be afraid of. But likely something to trade in at Roweena’s if you do nothing else with it.

Of course, you could destroy it if you still want to. For science.

“So you see, nothing to fear here. Just a common Tome with old data. I doubt it would get you much to sell it, so do as you see fit with it,” Amon tells her gently as he returns to the Tome. “I do hope you enjoyed your tea, however. Feel free to return if you ever find any other Tomes that cause you concern!”