From the Client

The quiet bard wanders back into the shop again, casually taking a seat at one of the tables before handing over said tome to Amon with a sheepish smile.

“Another thing I found, though, er. I attempted to clean it,” She pointed to the spots less dusty, “but I accidentally dropped it in my bucket of water.” before pointing to the rusted edge.

“Hopefully it’s not too badly damaged?”

Tome Attributes: It's very rusted on one end, and a little dusty.

Gil Donation: 1,000

Tea Order: Caramel Creation

Amon perked up at the sight of Eolyn entering the shop. He wasn’t sure why, but it was nice to have the occasional company of the other bard whenever they crossed paths. Due to the lack of significance in his previous Tome reading for her, he was worried she might not find value in his services. So it was somewhat a relief to see her return again.

The Elezen’s eyebrows arched up a bit at the sight of the Tome, especially after hearing that it was submerged in water. Tomes were sturdy, and often made to be water proof. But the fact that it was already rusting didn’t bode well.

He fixed her some tea – the Caramel Creation she’d ordered – and said with a hopeful note in response, “Well, I can’t promise anything but all we can do is try to read it and see what comes of it. If nothing else, at least I can offer you a personal backup of the data now should it boot up!”

He was quite proud of his system’s new feature and didn’t hesitated to advertise his excitement at trying it out the first time.

Appraisal Outcome

I… don’t know what to make of this Tome, really. It seems to be functioning – sturdier than it looks, my friend. But perhaps it had already gone through its share of trials even before you discovered it.

What do I mean by this? Well. The title itself is a novel. And the content within? Who even knows what all it might contain.

Are you ready for this?

The topic roughly translates to… *deep breath*

The Most Shocking, Pernicious, and Destructive Practices of Many in this Empire, Who Make and Sell Edibles and Drinkables : Whereby Many Languish in their Health and Lose their Lives, Founded on Verity and Facts

Sounds like someone in Allag was spiking the punch. Or worse.

Light bedtime reading, perhaps?

Amon returned the Tome to Eolyn and provided her with an additional SDTome – a tiny, odd-shaped flat object that was meant to fit into a slot on most Tomephones.

“So here you are. Quite an unusual topic and an unusual Tome, I’d say. I’m not sure how much it would fetch amongst the scholarly crowd. But someone might be interested in the wrong-doings of Allagans and their food making. Who knows.”

The Elezen then motioned to the SDTome with a proud grin.

“Either way, you have a backup of the content of that Tome for your own use. Rest assured that these shocking, pernicious and destructive practices won’t be lost to history any time soon!”