From the Client

Industria smiles as she places her tomestome down. She honestly doesn’t care what is on it.

“I hope this one has something interesting for you, but we both know I’m really just here for the tea. May I try the Lavender Law this time?”

Tome Attributes: It sometimes glows when I’m talking, but I can't tell why

Gil Donation: 10,000

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Amon perked up at the client’s name. He recognized this as a previous client who had chosen to drop off their Tome the last time… and had returned this time in-person. That was surely a win!

“Welcome again to you! So the reputation of my tea has won you over?” the Elezen gave her his best smile as he poured her some Lavender Law. “Please feel free to help yourself to any of the treats on the table. I’ll have your Tome read in a short order, my friend!”

As they were conversing, Amon took note that the Tome appeared to glow when they spoke certain words. Curious, indeed!

Appraisal Outcome

Well, this whole glowing thing has me really interested. As you might have already deduced, ’tis responding to certain spoken words that are similar to commands that its previous Allagan masters may have coded into it. Given that languages are a bit different, it would take a while to decode exactly what commands ’tis looking for.

But I’ll say ’tis a very interesting and unique find in and of itself! Should you locate someone who wished to replicate the AI of the Tome, you might have a bargaining chip on your hands.

As for the content… This could also be of some interest to a scholar.

The title roughly translates to: Where Did it Start? Superstitions, Customs and their Strange Origins

So in terms of value, I’d say the technology of the Tome may be worth more than the data. Either way, I’ll make a backup for you. Then you can decide for yourself.

“Did you enjoy your tea?” Amon inquired as he returned the odd Tomestone to his client. He also offered a small SDTome with a backup of the content the original Tome held.

“I’d advise you to bring this Tome to those interested in breaking down and replicating Allagan technology. You should get a fair offer for it based on its AI behavior alone. Shop around a bit and get a good offer. You don’t see many Tomes like this anymore.”