From the Client

The young scion and cafe owner was more curious about Amon’s tea blends than the information on the tomestone he’d found while gathering tea leaves in Coerthas. He had half a mind to offer some of his own seasonal blends to the menu too, a rose honey lemon herbal tea or a blackberry and thyme oolong. Maybe even that Apricot Orange Green Tea he’d been planning to put on his own menu this year.

So armed with a portion of yesterday’s profits and some samples of his own tea blends, the Miqo’te went to go get the lightly damaged tomestone appraised.

Tome Attributes: It's got a gash through one of the lines- I found it under some rubble

Gil Donation: 15,000

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Welcome, my friend!” Amon greeted the new client as he appeared at the counter. The Elezen took into account two things – first the Tomestone and second… was that tea blends that the Miqo’te was carrying?

No… no… Amon could not let himself get distracted during business hours. Though he was ever so curious!

Instead, he steeped one of his best cups of Earl Grey for the client, offered him a comfy chair to sit, and took the Tome to his workstation to give it a look. He took note instantly of the small gash on the Tome’s outer shell, and found it made it somewhat difficult to insert into the reader from the outset. He didn’t want to force it too much – he’d only just gotten this machine running the past few months, after all!

Appraisal Outcome

Mmm… this gash through the Tome may seems small, but it has done it no favors. I’m able to boot it up, but it disconnects frequently, and some of the data appears to be corrupted in places. I’ve done my best to read what I could from it. Making a backup was challenging, and the data is probably choppy and unreadable in places despite my efforts.

From what I can gather, the topic of this tome is: Dictionary of Allag Law

My guess is this was a fairly common law reference, so I doubt that you’ll find any value in the content of this Tome, especially as degraded as it is.

“I’m afraid I can’t offer you much more than an an attempted backup of the data,” Amon told the Miqo’te as he handed both the Tome and the SDTome over. “I doubt the original is going to be running for all that much longer. There’s a bit of damage done, and the connectors are suffering for it. But I also don’t believe the content was worth worrying over. There are likely a number of copies of this topic out there.”

The Elezen rubbed his chin. “I’m sorry I can’t give you a better reading that this but… I can’t help but notice… you wouldn’t happen to be a tea enthusiast, would you?”