From the Client

Setoto opened the door and curiously looked around the tearoom. After taking in the sights and smells for a bit, the lalafell walked confidently up to the counter.

“Hello, sir,” she said, placing the tome in front of her, “Alka Zolka and I found this strange tome in the ruins of Nym. Alka thinks an adventurer might have left it there, but I believe it likely it had already been there when Nym still existed. What do you think? And what does it even do?”

Tome Attributes: It appears to have a small sigil scratched onto it, but time had made it undecipherable. It's slightly warm and damp to the touch.

Gil Donation: 5000 Gil and a little red Tonberry lantern

Tea Order: Strawberry Apple Soldiery

“Hello, my friend!” Amon replied to the polite Lalafell with a pleasant smile. “Exploring the ruins of Nym, are you? I admit, I’ve not been there myself, but I am quite curious to know more of the place. You must have some interesting stories to tell?”

He then began fixing her tea as he peered questioningly at the little red Tonberry lantern offered up as a donation. It would make a fine decoration for the shop, he decided.

“As for the Tome, it may be hard to say where it has resided – in the ruins or with an adventurer – but should it work, ’tis a data containment object that holds ancient records from the time of Allag,” he explained. “I should be able to tell you what sort of information it has and make a back up of it, as long as the Tome is in working order. So let’s be about it, aye?”

Appraisal Outcome

This Tome appears to be in good working condition. Additionally, the data looks to be an early copy of the text, and perhaps fairly uncommon for what it ’tis. I’d wager this might have some value with a collector or a scholar – so you might want to take it and see if you can either learn from it yourself or get bids from others interested it the topic.

The topic loosely translated is: Scripture and Science: An Allagan’s Reflections on Tribal Doctrine

Even I’m a little curious about the studies an Allagan may have made on the beliefs of the peoples outside the Empire during that time. Certainly, it would have historical value to someone!

Amon returns the Tome and a copy of the content on an SDTome card to his client. “I’m afraid that gives little information on how long the Tome remained in Nym. But seeing that you have information of historical significance upon it, maybe finding a buyer could help financially support your studies in the ruins? I hope this is helpful to you and that you enjoyed your tea!”