From the Client

A tired-looking silver-haired Miqo’te enters, adjusting his spectacles as he scans the room. He approaches the counter, holding out a tome, a bit sheepish.

“I’ve been holding on to this for some time now. Just never got the chance to have it appraised.” Jayih’a sighed, setting it down. “My Chocobo spotted it and now she won’t leave it alone. Pulls the blasted thing out of my saddlebag when I’m not looking to play with it. Figured I should make sure there’s nothing of use on it before she ruins it completely.”

Tome Attributes: Nothing outstanding - it looks worn with fresh scratches. It's also a bit damp.

Gil Donation: 500

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Greetings, my friend! You’ve come to the right place, then,” Amon noted the Miqo’te’s tired expression and quickly set about making him some warm tea. “Have some of this and take a rest while I work. Hopefully ’twill pep you up some.”

The Elezen then took the Tome, noting the dampness and determining the cause to likely be chocobo dribble. He had to force himself to not spray the entire thing down with sanitizer, figuring that might seem rude, despite his concern of germs and the like. Who knows where a chocobo has been – even the best-kept ones!

Appraisal Outcome

Thankfully, your chocobo hasn’t caused any long-term damage to the Tome that I can see. In fact, it connects and displays data quite well for its age. ‘Tis a good thing because you might just have something of worth on your hands.

From what I can tell, this data is well-preserved and may even be fairly unique to this Tome. I don’t see signs of it having been copied several times over. It almost appears to be the authentic draft, in fact.

The topic of this Tome translates to: Healer’s Handbook of Law & Ethics

Aye, you might think ’tis strange that Allagans had ethics on the mind. But ’twere still some who did – namely those who had the ambitions to be healers. While much medical practice was left to the technology of the time, this was a guide to those who had a heart to heal the people directly through more manual methods. A rare thing, indeed.

Amon completed making the copy of the Tome’s contents on the SDTome for the client – secretly making a copy of it for himself as well. This would be interesting reading, especially since he’d just started to learn about the ways of healing in Eorzea.

“Here you are, my friend,” the Elezen provided both original Tome and copy to the owner. Additionally, he hande over a list of potential Tome collectors with a few names circled. “If ’tis a topic to your interest, there may be a bit to learn from this. If not, I’d suggest seeing if you can find a buyer. I’ve noted some folks that you might want to start with. But hold out for a good bid. ‘Tisn’t everyday that you find authentic data on this topic.”