From the Client

Altuun’s arrival this time around would be heralded by the brief clomping of boots before the door opened. The reason would become apparent once she entered– the Xaela had apparently been hard at work doing gods-know-what in the dirt somewhere, judging by the amount of dried mud she knocked off of her boots.

“Pray forgive the mess,” Altuun sighed, taking a moment to brush the rest of the dirt off of her sleeves before entering the tea room. Were it not for the unmistakably fluffy amethyst carbuncle perched on her shoulder, Amon would be forgiven for not recognizing her at first: flannel, suspenders, and mining gear were a far cry from her previous scholarly attire.

Once she had taken a seat, Altuun helped herself to a couple of the offerings from the array of goodies before getting down to business.

“After thinking on the previous tomestone I had brought you, I managed to secure permission from Maelstrom command for an expedition to Carteneau,” she explained, pausing for a sip of her tea before producing a small lockbox not unlike the one she had used the first time. With a quick tap of her ring, the box popped open, revealing the tomestone in question, as well as a solitary Allagan platinum piece, both of which she handed over to Amon.

“I did a… little bit of digging, and as you can see, I’ve met with some success. I may not have come across my original target, but this seems promising enough,” the Xaela concluded, punctuating her explanation with an eager bite of one of the sandwiches she had snagged on her arrival.

In the event that Amon happened to steal a closer look at the box’s contents this time, it seemed that there was one additional item present in the box: a roughly first-sized leather pouch, clasped shut and tucked along the bottom of the lockbox. Perhaps her expedition yielded more than expected?

Tome Attributes: A small placard on the outside edge. It reads 'PA 1/5'.

Gil Donation: 10,000, in the form of one Allagan platinum piece

Tea Order: Green Genesis

“Altuun, ’tis good to see you again. I hope all is well?” he welcomed her with the same aplomb as on her first trip to his little shop. His beaming grin expressed cheer and pride that she’d choose to return for yet another assessment.

Amon’s eyes then widened a bit at the sight of not just at Tome but a very generous donation. As well as a curious lockbox that – somewhat to his embarrassment – he couldn’t help stealing a few glances at.

“‘Twould appear that you’ve had some excitement since we last spoke. Mayhaps one day, you’ll see fit to share with this bard some of your tales and expeditions?”

For now, though, the Elezen poured his client her green tea and got to work on deciphering what her newest find might be.

Appraisal Outcome

My friend, you must have a real nose for treasure. You’ve brought me yet another stunning piece, well preserved and likely to be of value to a collector. ‘Tis hard to determine if the placard was an original part of the Tome or placed there later. But either way, this Tome has already been marked as if part of some collection at one time or another.

The data reads easily – did I mention I could back the content up for you this time? And in looking at the topic, a rough translation might be: Beyond Sustainability – A Thriving Allagan Environment

This seems to be a well researched plan put together about how to reverse some of the damage that technology had done to the environment during the Allagan age. Of course, most of that isn’t relevant anymore… but seeing that technology is becoming more and more sought after, it could serve as a warning on what we should and shouldn’t do with that knowledge. In order to prevent the same from happening again, of course.

Amon returned the Tome and a small SDTome copy to Altuun. He also fished out a list of scholars and scientists that could make good use of this information, marking their names for her.

“I’d wager that this information would be of high interest to the environmental and scientific community. I’d start with some of these names here first and see if you have any takers. I’m sure someone with a forward-thinking mindset will recognize the value in looking on the past environmental mistakes the Allagans made. Good luck to you and I hope your future ventures go well!”