From the Client

Entering for the first time, Saeta looked around while approaching the counter. She politely removed her sun hat, and offered a smile, placing down the tome.

“Hello,” she greeted. “I found this while gardening, and heard that perhaps this place could identify it? I’m sorry there’s still dirt stuck in some of the cracks, I wasn’t sure if I should wash it. It looked delicate.” To her untrained eye, at least. Upon realizing she could also order tea, she did so with some excitement. The blend sounded right up her alley.

Tome Attributes: None

Gil Donation: None

Tea Order: Lavender Law

“Greetings, my friend.” Amon beamed a grin at his newest client. “If ’tis a Tome identification you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. I’ll do my best to pull data from the device, as long as it is in working condition.”

The Elezen began by pouring the ordered tea for his client, then offering her a seat at one of the tables.

“Please help yourself to any of the snacks. This shouldn’t take too long.”

He pursed his lips as he studied the state of the Tome, then took up a small cleaning device to help remove additional dirt, especially around the connectors. Plugging in a Tome with debris would not only skew the chances of pulling good data from the Tome, but also could cause dirty connections with other Tomes. So he took his time to clean it up the best he could.

Appraisal Outcome

Though I tried to clean this the best I could, I’m still having difficulty keeping this Tome connected to my device. It may have been immersed in the soil for a while – since you noted that you found it while gardening – and that’s not the best environment for a Tome to endure. While the outside seems fine, data containment within may have been corroded due to moisture, dirt and… dare I say… earth critters that may have found their way inside.

However, the data I was able to snapshot seems of a very common kind. From the best of my abilities, I’ve translated the topic to be: Allag’s Guide to General and Specialized Encyclopedias.

This might be of interest to some Allagan scholars, but the condition of the Tome may make studying it difficult. I highly suggest making a copy of the data.

Amon returned the Tome to his client with a short summary. “The Tome’s data is pretty common information, but could be of interest to those studying Allagan culture. However, the state of the Tome prevents it from being of higher value as it has trouble staying connected and pulling data.

“Still, making a copy of the data is an option, so you may find some interest in passing off the data itself with that in mind.”