From the Client

Why in the Twelve’s name did she let Fifi convince her to come here? Ah well, she wasn’t about to back out now. Taking a deep breath as she stepped inside, Althea stepped up to the counter, her ruby carbuncle Zurvan trotting in behind her and promptly climbing up her back to drape himself over her shoulders like a scarf.

“Zurvan, what the heck,” she muttered quietly before softly clearing her throat to get Amon’s attention.

“Ah, excuse me, but my best friend suggested that you could help me with this?” she said, setting the tomestone on the counter. “We were going through the Aetherochemical Research Facility–” To her father-in-law’s old office in Bioweapon Research but she wasn’t saying that. “–and we found this in one of the offices.” Looking over at the treats for a moment, she then looked back. “And can I have a Caramel Creation too? She said that was really good when she was here.”

Tome Attributes: Green and blue circuits

Gil Donation: 2,500

Tea Order: Caramel Creation

“Greetings to you, and great thanks to your friend for the recommendation! Aye, I do believe I can take a look at your Tome and give it a read if ’tis still working,” Amon bowed slightly to cover up his surprise at his client’s story.

Could just anyone enter the A.R.F. now days? And if so, how could he get in on these expeditions?

He didn’t ask these questions. Instead, he just fixed her the Caramel tea she’d requested, wondering who the referral had come from. Refocusing his attention on the present, he placed the tea down on a table that was decorated with plenty of freshly-baked goodies.

“Please make yourself at home and enjoy whatever you’d like. I should have a reading on your Tome shortly!”

Appraisal Outcome

Well, now. Wherever this Tome was stored, ’tis still in near pristine condition. ‘Tis to be expected, though, if you found it in the A.R.F. – they always knew how to keep their equipment in top shape in those labs!

Not only that, but the data seems to be an original copy… and it took a bit of finagling to get past the protection placed on the files. So I rather doubt anyone’s been poking around at this or making a wide-spread copy of it. In fact, this is the first of its type that I’ve seen come through here.

A rough translation of the topic of the Tome is: Greater Allagan Clone Force Register & Defense Times

It appears to be files keeping a directory of clones sent to battle, who the clone donors were, and what sort of enhancements each clone was fitted for. Not so much a lot of science or how-to here, but still interesting to see how much variation and specificity in which clone was sent to duty for what.

“‘Tis pretty rare information here,” Amon told her, returning the Tome along with a copy of the data on a smaller SDTome. “But I don’t know if ’tis the type of data that scientists and historians are looking to purchase. However, I wouldn’t let that stop you from trying to see if it has value. If selling it is what you’re after, of course.”

The Elezen pressed his hands together and gave a bright smile.

“If you happen across any other Tome of this quality in the A.R.F. please feel free to stop by and let me review it. I hope you enjoyed your tea, at least?”