From the Client

Lenthes smiled softly as she ordered her tea.

“I’ve heard you are a specialist when it comes to tomes.“ she spoke with a calm voice and placed a small box on the table. “A friend found this one somewhere in the Sea of Clouds. Would you please take a look at it?“

She carefully opened the box to reveal the item.

Tome Attributes: It has a small engraving on the backside

Gil Donation: 2,500

Tea Order: Caramel Creation

“Aye, I know my way around Tomes, you could say,” Amon leaned forward with interest, peering at the Tome that came from the clouds. It was interesting how old artifacts that originated in Eorzea ended up spread so far and wide over the eras. But that was not the item at hand.

The Elezen carefully steeped her tea and served it at a nearby table. He motioned to the baked goods and small finger sandwiches there, “Please feel free to take your pick from our complimentary treats while I work. This shouldn’t take too long, so just make yourself at home.”

He then retreated behind his machine and got to work.

Appraisal Outcome

Hmm… ’tis a very interesting find, indeed! Though this Tome has spent some time travelling, ’tis made of stronger stuff than your normal type of Tome. That indicates it carries fairly important data within. It took a bit of poking around to pull up the information, but this appears to be some rather rare political documentation written during the late Allagan rebellions.

A loose translation of this set of papers is: Attempts to Restrict Freedoms: Problems of the Introduction of the State of Exception in the Time of the Late Allagan Government

This data doesn’t show signs of copying and thus could be a unique piece of historical documentation.

“My friend,” Amon told the client as he returned the original Tome and an SDTome with the copied data, “I highly suggest that you seek some bids on this Tome. It may fetch a high price among historians and those interested in the later part of Allagan civilization.”

He then offered her a sheet of paper with a number of names circled.

“You can start by contacting these folks. Don’t let them talk you down on price, either. You could have a very valuable piece on your hands!”