From the Client

“Hello Amon! Have any new teas this month?” Eolyn took a seat at the table, holding up her latest tomestone.

“It seems I can’t walk anywhere in Mor Dhona these days without running across one of these. I… May have stepped on this one, accidentally. Hopefully it’s still useable?” She leaned forward in her chair, eagerly awaiting Amon’s analysis.

Tome Attributes:

It’s covered in dirt, looking as if it’s been pried out of the ground recently. …And possibly stepped on.

Gil Donation: 1,000

Tea Order: Green Genesis

Amon grinned at Eolyn, always pleased to see her.

“Welcome back! I knew you couldn’t stay away,” he teased lightly while serving her tea. “I’m afraid I don’t have any new blends this time around, but perhaps I should invest in that next time. It seems everytime I discover a new tea blend, I end up drinking it myself.”

He chuckled, then squinted at the poor, abused Tome.

“Are Tomes worth so little now that they’re left in the street as stepping stones?” his voice sounded a bit concerned. “Or is it merely that Rowena has decided this particular type of Tome no longer interests her, so they’re tossed to the winds?”

He sighs in his frustration, then shrugs at Eolyn.

“Forgive me, ’tisn’t your fault in the matter. ‘Tis just vexing that one individual seems to have so much sway over what others believe to be valuable, aye?”

Amon gave the Tome a bit of a cleaning, not wanting debris on the connectors.

“Let me see what I can find for you. Hang tight.”

Appraisal Outcome

I had to jiggle it a little bit, but I did get it to boot up and read, believe it or not. The data appears to be in tact – this is a tough little Tome in the long run. However, I’m not seeing a lot here that indicates this is a rare or important Tome. Seems as if this data is thin – so it’s either been passed around quite a bit or the original copy of the data was already somewhat weak to begin with.

The topic is somewhat interesting, so I’m going to guess the later. I can’t see everyone in Allag carrying around a Tome with such information.

Roughly translated: Volition and Our Conscious Life

I’m going to harbor a guess that this was data patched together in early Allagan times. You do sometimes see poor copies of old data, back before higher data qualities were discovered.

In that, ’tis possible this could be of historical worth to someone as long as they can overlook the poor quality of the data and the Tome’s physical wear.

Amon returned the Tome to Eolyn, along with the copy that she requested.

“I can’t vouch for the quality of the copy I made. The data was already somewhat scratchy, so to copy the copy might degrade it further. However,” he offered her a list of potential individuals with a few circled, “I suggest you try a few of these folks and see if they have any interest in taking the Tome off your hands. I don’t know that you’ll be swimming in gil for it, but it might be a contribution to someone’s research somewhere. Good luck!”