From the Client

Sighing, Shio strides into the shop and hands over the tome to the flamboyantly-dressed Elezen behind the counter.

“So, for some reason, Rowena particularly wants this tome? Ever since she saw it in my collection, she offered to pay me a premium price for it. Before I decide if I should sell it to her, I would like to know what is on it, please.”

Tome Attributes: It is marked with an Ancient High Allagan numeral "4"

Gil Donation: 12,500

Tea Order: Green Genesis

Note: All credit goes to the Client for the concept behind this Tome reading.

“Interesting,” Amon tapped his chin as he peered at the Tome that Roweena apparently was very interested in. There was nothing outwardly unusual about it, though it seemed in decent enough physical condition. “I’ve never heard of Rowena being so eager to depart with her gil. You were wise to want to determine just what has caught her attention.”

The Elezen then fixed his client some tea before taking the Tome behind the counter.

“As long as it reads well, we’ll get the answer to that shortly!”

Appraisal Outcome

How peculiar.

Of all the data that Rowena would want, this was not what I had expected. Business practices, the art of manipulation… that sort of thing. Sure. Not this.

Thankfully, the data is in good shape and so is the Tome itself. What it contains, however, is a short piece of what looks to be a serial fiction of which this is the fourth part.

The title of the piece is: “The Emperor’s Dark Delights.”

And… it seems to feature a relationship between Emperor Xande and the Cloud of Darkness. Though I’m not sure who would champion that pairing. Not to mention, scanning some of this, a bit of it seems a tad spicy.

Hmm… Rowena?

“Well, now you have your answer. Rowena appears to be a fan of spicy Allagan romance fiction.” Amon arched his eyebrow as he returned the Tome to his client, along with a copy of said romance fiction. “I wonder why she so covets this particular Tome, though. Mayhaps ’tis one that’s missing from her collection? Either way, I hope you hold out for some big gil. She can afford it.”