From the Client

“Good Morning, I heard you are the foremost authority on tome appraisal. I was cleaning out the remains of the home I was raised in as a child and I came across several tomes. This one piqued my interest and I wondered if it was filled with old hexes and spells or stories of witches before me.” She turned it over in her hands before handing it to him.

Tome Attributes: Good shape, found in ancient library under childhood home.

Gil Donation: 15,000

Tea Order: Sage Scripture

Amon gave a smile and a bow at being called the “foremost authority,” then got right to serving his newest client her tea.

“‘Tis always exciting to find treasure in old familiar places, aye?” The Elezen then motioned to the nearby table. “Please feel free to help yourself to a snack and make yourself at home. I’ll see what I can find on this Tome of yours!”

Appraisal Outcome

While this Tome seems to be outwardly well-kept, I’m having trouble keeping it connected in my machine. I apologize that this has made the scan take a little longer than expected. I have, however, successfully pulled the data from the Tome and was able to create a copy as you requested. ‘Tis a good thing you brought it to me as this information could have been lost to time for good should the connectors on this Tome malfunctioned more.

As for the content – I must be curious why you’d think ‘twould be witchcraft! ‘Twas a rather taboo topic in old Allag, though I can’t say ’twas impossible for witches and hexes to have existed.

In fact, the writing on this may be more of a thoughtful memoir or even a journal. ‘Tis titled: Life’s Pathways in my Mind

I can’t vouch whether you’ll find anything on the topics you’re interested in, but it might be a fun thing to read the musings of an individual living in the ancient times? Depending on the information contained within, it might also be of interest to a scholar somewhere.

“‘Tis hard to say the value of the information on this Tome – though the trouble it has connecting would likely reduce how much an interested party would invest in the Tome itself. ‘Tis possible that content within this journal could be worth something, but ‘twould take time and reading to discover,” Amon returned the Tome and the copy of the data to his client.

“If nothing else, you’ve given the stories contained therein a new life in creating a copy to preserve it. It may not contain information on hexes and spells, but ’tis a honorable thing to do in memory of the writer.”