From the Client

‘Sup dude, looks like you’ve been busy with the shop, sorry I ain’t been in for a bit. That a Fender Strat on the wall there? Anywho, found another tomestone we can’t crack out in The Lochs. Ran it by Rowena and her girls, they can’t get anything out of it, so, bringing it to you again. All I can get out of it is that it’s green, and looks it came straight outta Tron.

Was working security detail for a meeting, and saw something poking out of a rock, so I went to check it out. Like I said, not any kind of tome I’ve seen before. I honestly thought it was a land mine or something, probably shouldn’t have poked it with my axe. That green piping intrigues me though, like it’s runnin’, the green stuff circling back in on itself. Is that Aether, or some kind of fluid? I also talked to a Scholar friend of mine, and she couldn’t make heads or tails of it, thought with it being like that, maybe it’s got some connection back to Nym, long shot I know, but was worth a try.

Right. Payment. And something off the menu. I’ll leave the science-y stuff to you, this is out of my field of expertise. Whatcha got today? Uhm…I’ll have the Vanilla Verity this time. How’s 10,000 Gil sound this go-round? Good? Good.

Tome Attributes: Green piping running the length of the stone, looks like the green stuff is moving

Gil Donation: 10,000

Tea Order: Vanilla Verity

“Welcome back, my friend! No worries in having been away a while. Tomes are items of discovery, and ’tisn’t every day that you find something. Especially something like this,” Amon watched, almost captivated, at the strange green substance as it appeared to flow through the tiny pipe affixed to the Tome.

“I’ll admit that I’d have to likely disassemble the Tome to dive deeper into mystery of its make. But that could lead to the destruction of whatever balance is holding it together. ‘Tis absolutely amazing that such detailed workings are still running. Even if the data isn’t of interest, the Tome itself will certainly catch the eye of any Tome collector for this rarity. So I dare not touch it.”

The Elezen then poured his client the chosen tea, and got to work setting up a data scan.

Appraisal Outcome

This Tome gave me quite a time hooking up. ‘Tis vastly irregularly shaped, even in the point of the connectors. Luckily, I was able to rig something up that could make a steady connection. I think the next upgrade I need to invest in is materials to build extension connectors for irregular Tomes like these.

Anyhow, you didn’t come to hear me drone on about connection difficulties!

Strangely enough, this Tome seems to contain a group of essays and writings on the study of faith and belief of groups of people outside of the Allagan Empire. This data appears to be in good condition, though ’tis likely that ’tisn’t the original source of the material – rather a compilation.

That makes me wonder if ’tisn’t aether flowing in those pipes, though why that would be is still quite a mystery to me.

Anyhow, the title of the Tome translates to: Innovation in Outside Traditions: An Interpretation of Religious Alteration

Seeing that Allagans didn’t much uphold their own faith, ’tis more of a look at the faith of others. Certainly not something you generally find kept on Tomes all that often.

“I’d wager you’ve got quite a valuable piece on your hands, my friend. Between the strange physical features it contains – a system that still works – and the rarity of a compilation that studies the beliefs of other ancient cultures, I’m sure you can find a buyer interested in this,” Amon handed over the Tome along with a copy of the data and a list of Tome collectors with a few names circled.

“Don’t jump at the first bid, though. Shop around on this one. Good luck and may your discovery bring you fortune, my friend!”