From the Client

Another month, another last-minute request from one Altuun Dalamiq. The Au Ra in question shuffled through the door at a decidedly less hurried pace than the past two times, absent her carbuncle companion and looking rather like she had just been struck by lightning a few times.

“Well, you said you’d like to hear some tales the last time I was in here,” Altuun croaked, plopping down in her seat with no sign of the grace that she maintained on the previous two visits. A bit of tea and some biscuits seemed to brighten her facade a bit, though the same couldn’t be said for her outfit.

“I was doing a bit more exploration in that ruin I spoke of when last we met, and happened across a sealed door deeper in the complex. After I allowed myself in, I came to discover that the security systems were still active, and I spent the better part of a day playing dodge the lightning with a cadre of angry ADS nodes.”

Well, that explains a few things!

“Anyroad, I managed to snag a few souvenirs on my way out,” she concluded, producing a red-striped tomestone from within the confines of her overcoat, alongside an archaic-looking belt pouch filled with Allagan coins.

“That’s yours, per usual. There’s some really odd things inside of those floating doom orbs…”

Tome Attributes: More heavily encrypted than a typical tomestone of its type

Gil Donation: 11,425, in various Allagan denumerations

Tea Order: Matcha Mythology

Amon listened to Altuun’s story with rapt curiosity, clapping his hands together as it drew to a close.

“I can always count on you to bring the most exciting things, my friend!” he exclaimed while looking over the things she’d brought. The coins had is attention, but he knew work came first. “Mayhaps, next time, I can persuade you to bring back some node pieces, should you have a chance. I’d be willing to barter my services for any tech you could provide – in fact, I could likely use some of those pieces to improve my Tome reader.”

Amon then shook his head, reminding himself to stay on topic.

“‘Tis only if you have the chance, though. For now, I’m looking forward to giving my new encryption enhancements a test. I did increase T.H.E.M.’s capabilities, but we shall see how it fares!”

In the meantime, he served his client her Matcha. Then he set to work.

Appraisal Outcome

Oh my. Oh my.

You have brought back a frightening piece here. Not only did the encryption fight me to the last, but the data within was cyphered in order to prevent enemy technologists from cracking the information should this Tome fall into hands outside of the Allagan Empire. Luckily, I am familiar with this cypher, and have been able to translate much of the contents into the old Allagan language.

Mayhaps, my next upgrade to this system will be in terms of translation. But ’tis a thought for another time.

This Tome contains some fairly dangerous information on Allagan aether weaponry. In fact, the title translates to: Aetheric Weapons and the Future of Allagan Security

This doesn’t detail everything about the weapons and their make, of course. But ’tis enough information to figure out the basis of using aether as advanced weaponry.

I’m fairly nervous about what this information can do in the wrong hands — hearing what I have of the Weapons the Empire has already revived and pit against Eorzea. However, this Tome belongs to you, so I shall trust you to decide what’s best to do with it.

“While I can see this of being great value, I warn that you only sell to the most trustworthy individual. Much of the technology detailed within the Tome may be beyond understanding at this point, but you can never tell.” Amon said as he returned the Tome to his client along with a copy of the data. “Mayhaps ‘twould be better to consider destroying this information instead… as much as I hate to see knowledge done away with.”

The Elezen pursed his lips and peered at Altuun somberly.

“‘Tis your choice, I’m afraid. Please make it wisely.”