From the Client

A small lalafell attempts to enter the shop with great difficulty, eventually settling on shimmying in sideways due to the sword on her back, dwarfing her small frame, repeatedly getting caught on the doorway.

Her unusual fox-like ears flatten as she regards the wooden chips left in the entryway. Glancing left and right surreptitiously she brushes them outside with her foot and claps her hands together at a job well done.

She then waddles over to the counter, awkwardly lifting herself up and standing atop it until she is level with the Elezen behind it.

“Yo, Amon! I plucked this weird thingy from the orbital detritus circling Scoogums’ head, and I was wondering what it is.”

Handing it over, Wagon glances back at the door and frowns, pulling out an aged and weathered coin purse.

“You can have these weird coins as well, I’m broke after our last schem-, er, I mean, after our totally legitimate and 100% legal expenses. So, hopefully these are worth something.”

She nods confidently, her ears wiggling happily, assured of her deception.

“Oh, and I’ve heard your Matcha is excellent, if you please!”

She turns, too swiftly, the edge of her blade knocking the contents of the counter to the floor.

“By the Matron’s teats, this bloody sword!”

Tome Attributes: Slightly warped due to the effects of massive gravitational forces

Gil Donation: 3,000

Tea Order: Matcha Mythology

Amon schooled his face to calmness to overwrite the internal wince he felt as he saw his notebooks and a few tea cups thrown from the counter across the floor. Thankfully, the oversized blade had not come close to interacting with his Tome equipment, which was the important thing.

He had a job to do, by Allag, and he would do it!

“Worry naught. I will take care of those odds and ends,” the Elezen told his newest client. With matcha in hand, he ushered her towards the table – secretly in hopes that nothing else found itself cast from the counter tops. “Any payment you offer is completely optional in terms of voluntary donations, so don’t fret about the cost. Just take a moment to relax, enjoy the tea and the cakes, and I shall have your Tome read before you know it!”

Appraisal Outcome

This Tome put up a bit of a fight in terms of not wanting to fit in the reader. Whatever has bent it has also warped the connectors, so ’twasn’t easy to plug it in without force. And with the age of some of these Tomes, force can end up destructive to the components.

The data is also difficult to pull up, likely for the same reason. I’m detecting a lot of erosion and corrupted areas on this Tome. ‘Tis good that you’ve decided to back it up because I doubt that it will weather this world too much longer.

As for the content, it appears to be a story book of some sort. A compilation of old folk yarns. The title roughly translates to: Myths and Tales of the Azure Mountain

I, myself, am not familiar with this particular set of stories, so it may be whatever is left on this Tome could be of some rarity to a collector. You’d just have to find someone who can look past the physical damage done to the piece.

Amon returns the Tome and offers the smaller tome which contains his best efforts of copying whatever data was readable. He also hands his client a list of Tome collectors with a few names circled.

“I’m not sure if your Tome will garner interest from these collectors or not due to the shape ’tis in. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask – especially if you offer the backup copy with the data I was able to pull from it. ‘Tisn’t the whole collection of stories, I’m afraid, but there may be enough tales here to captivate a historian or two. So give it a shot! I wish you luck!”