From the Client

A familiar face enters the room, though this time it is uncovered for full view.

The electric violet eyes looking around for the proprietor, “Hello again. I’ve found another curious tomestone, this time in Dalmasca during a recent expedition there. Feel free to copy anything on there, regardless of what it is. But if there’s anything that might benefit me, let me know, would you?”

The Xaela-looking woman places a sack of gil on the counter, “In case there’s anything of worth.” She proceeds towards the seating, but soon stops, “Ah, right. Could I get a cup of Lavender Law, with honey, please? Much thanks.”

Saraza makes herself comfortable, though she herself seems on edge as little arcs of lightning sometimes jump from her to nearby things – though they don’t cause any damage, thankfully.

Tome Attributes: Two parallel, straight lines etched into the lower right corner with a perpendicular, but squiggly, line just under them. Two small dot-like impressions are seen beside the two straight lines along the outside of them.

Gil Donation: 140,000

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Amon was quite surprised when the door to his shop opened, admitting a client who had visited some time before. He’d not expected someone bringing their tome as he’d not really been advertising lately – he’d been laying low ever since the public hub-bub had been passing around about Amon of Allag.

Not that the client wasn’t welcome – it was a nice feeling to engage in something he’d done normally so many times before! So, Amon covered his surprise with a wide smile for Saraza as a greeting.

“Well met again, my friend. Thank you for stopping by!” He poured her tea of choice with a bit of a flourish, placing it and some honey before his client. “I must admit that the area of Dalmasca is quite a mystery to me. It must be a fascinating place to explore?”

He then whisked away the tome, inspecting the curious etchings as he approached T.H.E.M.

“I’ll have you a copy and appraisal in just a moment or two!”

Appraisal Outcome

This tome appears to be in good condition and didn’t fuss much when I attempted to read and withdraw the content. The data is of decent quality, though I can tell it’s been copied more than just a few times – likely something that’s been passed around.

I’m going to guess the copies were sent to a very specific group of people, however, because the topic is a rather interesting one: An Address of Spirit Associations

At a glance, ’tis something along the lines of letters and documents shared by specific secret societies in the Allagan age – if you know what I mean. Whether the information holds any merit or historical value, I’m unsure. But the contents are likely to be interesting to anyone curious of such topics.

I’ll wager that the scribed symbol on the surface of the tome is linked to the identification of one of such spirit associations. That’s just a wild guess, however!

Amon returns the tome to its owner, along with a smaller SD tome with a copy of the data found within. He also provides a sheet of possible tome collectors who might buy the tome straight out.

“If you have interest in ancient secret societies and their inner workings, this may be of value to you. If not, check some of the names on this sheet – they might offer you something for it. I think that the etchings might even be to your advantage in increasing the value of the Tome due to lending it further authenticity. Good luck!”