From the Client

Industria smiles, glad to return to Tea and Tomes. "It's been quite a while since I've been by. I hope you've been doing well." She places down a time and a bag of Gil. "I do hope this one has something you'll find useful or at least interesting."

Tome Attributes: It was glowing when I found it in Azys Lla, but now seems to only do so at random and I cannot tell what the cause is.

Gil Donation: 10,000

Tea Order: Papaya Philosophy

“Greetings to you as well, Industria! ‘Tis always a pleasure to see you – I’m glad you haven’t forgotten about my little Tome shop while I’ve been taking a short break,” Amon answers cheerfully, already pouring the Papaya Philosophy tea his client requested. He then places some small snacks on the table if she was so inclined.

“I’ve heard of such phenomenon happening in Tomes before and have a good hunch on what it might be. Hold tight there and I’ll see what I can find.” He nods and takes the Tome back to T.H.E.M. for a proper inspection.

Appraisal Outcome

‘Tis somewhat the situation I thought. This Tome is meant to interface with a larger database, likely once set up in Azys Lla. When ‘tis glowing, ‘tis trying to reestablish a connection and sync with the information the database contains. Once taken away from the general location, it still attempts to sync, but is unable to – thus the intermittent glowing you’ve seen here, but full glow you saw in Azys Lla.

Sadly, this means that any information it is meant to hold is remote and unobtainable away from its source. Mayhaps if you take it back to Azys Lla, it can establish a connection again, but as for being here, I cannot pull the data down with the tools I have on hand, I’m afraid. I’d need to build out a database sequencer and…

Well. I doubt you’re interested in that kind of tech talk.

This sort of technology was used here and there during the later Allagan ages, especially when dealing with a large amount of stored data. But as you can see, its limitations outweighed its usefulness, so ‘tis quite rare to find a surviving Tome with this sort of tech.

“And that leads to my thoughts on its value. I feel the tech installed on this Tome is likely far more valuable to those wishing to study Allagan technology than the data it’s trying to connect to,” Amon flashes a grin as he brings the Tome back to his client. “In short, pick your buyer well. You have a fascinating relic on your hands.”