From the Client

The sound of shuffling footsteps were heard before a cloaked woman entered the establishment, a Codex set to her right hip and various potions and pouches at her left. "Now Eos don't cause mischief for the owner, okay." the woman a rather thin and baby faced Xaela Au Ra told what looked to be an honest to gods faerie before turning to the man behind the counter. This newcomer's most distinctive feature was her mismatched eyes, one a bright emerald green, the other a deep amethyst in hue with white limbal rings surrounding the outer most part of the irises. Another thing to note she smelled quite heavily of herbal medicines.

"Sorry about that. Had to make sure things are cleared last time I didn't well she ended up setting off a bunch of Morbols." she sighed. "Harrowing experience all around." she mutters under her breath. Fidgeting around Shirae took awhile to recall what she needed to do.

"Ah, I was told you handled relics of Allagan origin? I just stumbled upon a small tomestone while traveling with Eos and I wondered if you could check its contents, it feels like it's inviting someone to peek at it and if you don't believe me here." Taking a pouch off her hip she pulled out the aforementioned item from inside. The pouch's soft lining seemed to have kept the delicate device in decent condition.

Another pouch filled with Gil slightly perfumed with lavender and the Tomestone were set upon the counter. "Here you go sir, also what would you recommend a traveling Scholar?" she asked forgetting to introduce herself all the while perusing the menu.

Tome Attributes: The tome seemed to radiate a welcoming warmth as if enticing the person to take a look. The colors on the Tome seem worn as if it had seen a fair deal of use in its previous owner's life time.

Gil Donation: 200,000 g

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Welcome to Tea and Tomes. You’ve indeed come to the right place if you’re looking to discover more about your… well… discovery,” Amon flashed a quick grin. “I am Amon – a pleasure to meet you - and with my Tome reading device, we should be able to get to the bottom of almost any oddity.”

He took notice of the strong medicinal scent, then noted the Scholar’s words.

“Ah, morbols. Foul creatures… May I guess that you work in the field often should you know the workings of such beasts?” He was already pouring her some tea, watching as she carefully revealed the tome in question.

Just as she noted, Amon did feel a tug on his attention – as if the tome wanted nothing more but the spotlight of all in the room. In fact, he almost over-poured the tea being lost to the gazing temptation. Catching himself, the Elezen quickly mopped up a few spots of tea on the counter.

“Mmmm… aye. Very strange. This may not be so much a thing of technology as an enchantment,” he mused to himself. Then, glancing over at the menu, he forcefully turned his attention back to answering his client’s question. “I’d suggest the light muffin there. It always seems to go well with Earl Grey. Snacks are no cost, along with the tea, so you can’t go wrong to try it!”

Appraisal Outcome

So this may sound odd, or maybe not. It sorta makes sense to me – if you take the perspective of someone trying to work something shady. I don’t have proof for this, of course, but I do have suspicions!

The data on the tome is still all well and good, but it’s basically a collection of Allagan fables and fairy tales. You know, the kind that you teach children.

My thoughts are that this tome was enchanted to do exactly as it is doing –draw your attention and keep it – while containing harmless children’s stories that wouldn’t be missed if stolen.

My question is, what was this tome designed to act as a decoy for? If someone wants you to look at this tome so much, what other objects, activities or data did this individual have on hand that they did NOT want someone to look at. Begs some consideration, indeed.

“While children’s stories from Allag aren’t worthless – I’m sure you can find someone who would invest in this data – you might actually find a buyer more interested in the enchantment placed on it,” Amon suggests as he returns the tome to his client. “It speaks of Allagan mischief that hasn’t faded with time. Mayhaps those who enjoy the study of ancient magics could learn something from it. ‘Tis the way I’d consider most if you’re looking to profit from it.”

The Elezen then gave an impish grin.

“Or you can keep it and use it in much the same way – distracting others with the tome… if you have things of your own that you’d rather people not look at. Up to you – good luck either way!”