From the Client

A Miqo'te is at the counter. A wet tome is gently placed on the counter. She leans in: "Is it true that there's... there's information on this?"

From her droopy, drenched witch hat descends a large droplet of water onto the tome.

She shakes her head. Water.

"No wait, of course there is. I mean, but there's even *more*. Hidden," her tail whips cautiously behind her, "between the lines?"

She tilts her head in thought and even more water flops from the brim of her hat onto the floor. Hearing the water splash, she recoils, "Ah!"

A bag of clinking metal is produced and placed on the counter, "For your discretion," and she wanders off to a window to watch the rain.

Gil Donation: 2,240


Everywhere there’s water.

Amon tries for a polite expression as he quickly dries up anything that gets near his equipment. His hopes that the Tome might still read despite being soggy are low.

Still he picks it up with a nod and begins the process of drying off the connectors.

“Aye, ‘tis true there is information stored on some of these times from an older time. Though I worry how the weather might affect the ability to read the data on this Tome. I’ll do my best,” he tells his client. She didn’t give a name, nor did she order tea, so he hoped at least he could offer her a dry corner for a while.

Appraisal Outcome

Just as I feared, I’m having trouble keeping the Tome connected in the reader. I’m wiggling it, I’m drying it off the best I can. Some Tomes are strongly waterproof but this one doesn’t seem to be the type, sadly. It’s hard to get a good read on the data, but I’m doing my best to get a backup of what I can pull.

I see a group of files named such:  Off the Lip: Legends that Lie

To the best of my knowledge, this seems to be a tome of random propaganda – mayhaps it belonged to one in the Allagan resistance.  It hasn’t weathered time or dampness well, but making a backup of this Tome should ensure the data at least lives on.

“’Tis hard to say whether this data holds value – it might be well in interest for those studying history or social sciences, however. I do have a list of potential buyers here you can check out,” Amon says, handing the tome, the backup card and a list with some of the names circled.

“I doubt they’ll be interested in the Tome in the state ‘tis in, but that we rescued the historical data was an excellent thing at the least.  I wish you good luck in seeking out a buyer of the content if ‘tis what you intend to do!”