From the Client

When I checked the data inside. It told the story of a man long ago, who had fought against his own people for reasons unknown.

Tome Attributes:This tome I’ve recently come across has some strange effects.. it makes me see the face of a familiar person, and yet, they look nothing like I remember them.

Gil Donation: 20,000

Tea Order: Papaya Philosophy

“Greetings to you, my friend! It sounds like you have an interesting tome to review indeed,” Amon nods as he pours his newest client the selected tea. He then places the cup before them and motions to the various snack foods on the table. “Please make yourself at home and enjoy anything you’d like.”

The Elezen tapped his chin peering at the tome in question.

“It seems as if you’ve already ascertained the contents of it, which I can scan and confirm, if you’d like. So I’m assuming you’d like to know about the visions it causes. I have a funny feeling this has less to do with tech and more with materials.”

Appraisal Outcome

My scans did pick up content of the type that you described to me. I’m unsure if this is an old Allagan fairy tale or a commentary on a very real individual that’s disguised as a story. The data has weathered time rather well, but ‘tisn’t the interesting thing about this tome.

I noticed the outside plating was of an unusual type of metal, one that was known to interrupt aether in strange ways. Old studies couldn’t put a pin on what exactly it did because it seemed to change depending on individuals. However, aether disrupted into unusual and reoccurring visions was not unheard of.

I’ll wager that this is the cause of the visions you see. Though, why a tome is outfitted from such material, I’m unsure.

“You probably can take a good guess what I’ll say for this appraisal,” Amon told his client as he returned the tome and a copy of the data on a backup drive. “The story is interesting, but the make of the tome and how it disrupts aether is going to be what makes it most valuable.  I’m sure that you can find a buyer who would be curious to research the material further – or maybe a collector who just wants a tome made from something very unusual.

“Either way, you might have a bit of a money maker on your hands. Good luck!”