From the Client

Uneasy eyes glance around the room, from one mechanical doohickey to the next. The neon glow of that one machine intimidates her — back at home such objects had been rambling around for centuries, their bright lights flickering irregularly and their metal chassis long rusted over, but whatever this was clearly maintained regularly. Sure, she *probably* wouldn’t have to fight it, but you never know with machines.

Ava clears her throat and looks Amon in the eye.

“Rowena told me that if anyone could get this piece of garbage in usable condition, it would be you.” She flicks it across the counter, ignoring as it slides off the other end. “Whatever data’s on it, share it with me. And *don’t* go sharing it with anyone else… Unless it’s some nonsense play those Allagans loved to put on, of course. I have better things to do than witness their sick humor.”

Tome Attributes:Unusually battered, as if it had been used countless times… and then faced being thrown against the wall numerous times. Miraculously, the inner circuits are still intact. Located back at Meracydia, though Ava will not willingly volunteer such information.

Amon bit down on his tongue to prevent the retort that bubbled up from his throat at what this fiery woman had just demanded of him… all the while insulting his people while doing it. He had half a mind to toss the tome back at her, or better yet, scan it and claim it did indeed contain Allagan dramas and nothing more of worth.

But then he reminded himself that he was there to give a service – though this client had nothing beyond insults to offer in terms of gil – and that he had to act according to his station. Picking a fight – one that he’d likely lose by looking at his client – would serve no one well and only go to tarnish the name of the shop he’d worked so hard to nurture.

So, with much difficulty, Amon of Allag swallowed his pride, took the battered tome in one hand, and offered his client a place to sit with a smile and forced welcome.

“Aye, if ‘tis information to read, I can obtain it for you,” he reassured her with a level tone of voice. “Please, feel free to help yourself to any of the snack food in the meantime.”

He noted she hadn’t ordered tea, so whether she’d actually partake of food was unknown.

Appraisal Outcome

It did take a few tries to get this tome to read, so it’s probably a good idea to have this data backed up. The tome itself has certainly seen better days.

While the topic of the information held within is not drama, it is of the more fanciful nature. Namely, talks and fokelore, mayhaps handed down from the early days of Allag.

Either way, the title translates roughly to: Myths and Tales of the Outer Empire

Amon finishes backing up the data on the smaller drive and returns them both to his client. He’s not sure if she’s all that impressed with his findings, but he gave her an honest reading. That’s all he could really do.

“I can’t judge the interest for Allagan folk tales, but I’m sure ‘tis some scholar out there who might buy the tome off your hands. I hesitate to say that, though, seeing the wear and tear that it’s undergone – that will significantly lower the value of the package,” he tells her frankly. “But if nothing else, you’ve helped to preserve some ancient stories. I wish you the best of luck if you choose to try to sell them!”