From the Client

Rowan looked around at the small tea shop. A'quexta said this was where she got her odd tomestone appraised. Rowan was rather suspicous that her friend only wanted a treat from here until she spotted the Allagan node floating in the corner. It looked different enough from the other ones she'd seen that mayhap it would be able to decipher what was in the cold tomestone.

Next to the node was an Elezen man in a large hat. He seemed oddly familiar in a way that would haunt Rowan until she remembered.

"Uh, hello. I was told you could decipher strange tomestones with your node here." A menu caught her eye. "And I'll try the roobios while it gets translated."

Tome Attributes: Constantly cold to the touch.

Gil Donation: 2000

Tea Order: Rooibos Revelations

“Greetings and welcome. You’ve come to the right place if ‘tis a tome you need read,” Amon provides a bright grin, already getting a cup of tea ready for his newest client. “As long as the device can connect, I can for certain tell you what it contains!”

Enough for the pitch, Amon poured his client the requested roobios, setting it down with a flourish.

“Feel free to help yourself to your sweetener of choice if you fancy, or a few small sandwiches. Anything out on the tables is up for grabs.”

Appraisal Outcome

Speaking of grabbing, the first thing I noted about the tome was how it was cold. Not an unbearable cold, but an unusual cold. I wonder if it was fit with a setup that ran hot often and acted as a coolant agent in that system.

Despite the odd temperature, it booted up nicely and the data upon it was easy to read. In fact, the topic that I found within was: Behavioral Mind - A Study of Deep Personality

This data seems original – ‘twasn’t a copy of a copy. In that, it might just be a unique study which might find a good deal of interest on the market.

Amon returns the cool tome and a copy of the data on a smaller drive to his client. He also pulls forth a sheet of paper with a list of possible merchants, a few names circled.

“I’d take good care of this tome if you choose to keep it. If you don’t, I feel like a few individuals on this list might be willing to give you decent gil for the data that’s on it. Either way, I wish you the best of luck in your future discoveries. If you have any other tomes that need reading, you know where to find me!”