From the Client

Stefan ordered some tea as he took a seat with a ruby carbuncle sitting by his feet. Sliding the tomestone out onto the counter. "I found this tome while exploring a ruin out near the remnants of the City of Mhach. Likely something one of the mages at that time might have been studying? Hard to say. Could very well have just been something some other adventurer lost there for all I know. Unfortunately I do not know much about technology as I am far more adapt with aether and it's uses with spell work. And I heard you might be able to read these if my source is correct. I am willing to pay to learn what might be on this. Especially if there might be anything related to spells."

Tome Attributes: No but he wouldn't know what would be unusual or strange for a tome of this nature anyways.

Gil Donation: 20,000

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Greetings my friend and welcome to Tea and Tomes. You’ve come to the right place if ‘tis a Tome Appraisal you seek,” Amon gestured widely with both hands to his newest client, as if that would prove to impress the fellow all the more. Then he served the Earl Grey to the table with an assortment of sweeteners and finger foods.

The Elezen inspected the Tome and gave a brief nod. “It seems to be in good enough condition still. So that’s an excellent sign that someone took care of it wherever it came from. Let me see if I can pull up any data.

Appraisal Outcome

This isn’t what I’d call a common-place Tome. By looking at the readings, the data is strong – meaning ‘tisn’t a copy of a copy of a copy or anything like that. That also means that what it contains may be more rare and valuable to a buyer.

I know you’re hoping for information about spells and magical pursuits. However, this Tome is one classified of “Scripture” – which often borders on the strange faith and believe systems of the old ages. There might be some link to faith and magic, but seeing the title of this Tome, I rather doubt it.

It translates loosely to: Issues of Faith in Science Literature

So, ‘tis doubtful you’ll find any magical debate on this Tome, I’m afraid.

Amon returns the Tome with an SD copy of the data to his client. He then offers a paper with a few names circled in ink.

“While this Tome didn’t contain information of your interest, I do believe it could be of value to a scholar or collector. Here’s some folks that you could take it to if you wish to barter,” the Elezen suggests. “However, don’t give up the search for Tomes in the topic you’re hoping to find. When you discover them, feel free to bring them to me any time and I’ll decipher them for you!

“Good luck!”