From the Client

This client preferred not to chat, but rather drink their tea. That’s fine — folks are busy sometimes, after all!

Amon still dutifully scanned the Tome that the client left in his care and gathered information to provide a detailed report.

Tome Attributes: Several small indentations, like something with small, sharp teeth has tried to use it for a chew toy. >;[

Gil Donation: 10,000

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Appraisal Outcome

This Tome has certainly seen better days. Sadly, whatever got a hold of it chewed more than just the outside, and must have pierced into the connectors within. I did all that I could to try to get this Tome to boot up, but I got absolutely no response from it. I can’t be sure what kind of data was on the Tome as I was also unable to find an info sector that would copy over from the original.

Amon returns the Tome to his client with a somber look. “I’m afraid this one has been lost to time and damage, my friend. I was not able to salvage anything from it. In such case, please consider a return on your gil donation – I would not like to take money from an adventurer with no services rendered.

“Rest assured however, that should you find another Tome in readable condition, I would be more than happy to make up for this lapse on my part this time around. Good luck in your journeys!”