Launching My Redbubble

Last year, I created a set of stickers to give away to followers of my Tumblr and Twitter account. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally placed them in a Redbubble storefront for any interested individuals. These seem to be larger in size than the ones I had printed off, too!

Eventually I’ll be adding more art – stuff from my webcomic and online stories – but for now, Amon has the spotlight!

For a Low, Low Cost…

“…Of 2,000 Skybuilder Scripts, I will trade you this amazingly delicious apple!”

“‘Tis one of a kind! You’ll never find another quite like it!”

“Imagine your regret tomorrow if you don’t take me up on this incredible offer!”

“Hurry or I’m gonna bite it! I’m biting it!!”

Tad might be a WoL… but he’s also Amon’s cousin. XD

Amon of Another Universe

Sometimes when I need a break from FFXIV, I visit Amon in another universe.

I’ve been working on the appearance of this Amon bit by bit since summer of 2020. I admit, he’s a little funky looking (but he would be IRL by design), and I couldn’t find hair that fit him (especially around the ears), so I had to settle for a short pony tail.

Despite that, I feel like I was able to capture the more serious side of him…

As well as the goofier side of him, too!

Sometimes, in his explorations, he gets to be an actual travelling bard. Chocobos aren’t a staple in this world (though I’m sure I could find an off-brand if I looked for one), so he must make his way through it on horseback.

Though most of the time, Amon spends his time chilling out around the fishing holes, snagging a bit of cash here and there.

Any idea what world this Amon is from?

Yes, I’m aware he’s holding the pole backwards… it’s the pose.

This is an Amon avatar I’m developing for an account in Second Life. 🙂

Girls’ Night Out

One thing that I’ve wanted to get for Koh for a while is the set of glasses that her in-game NPC model uses. These happen to be the Inspector’s Eyeglasses that you get as a reward from the Scholasticate quest lines. I actually started these quests but never finished them on my main a long time back, so I’d not seen the fully story yet.

To unlock those quests, you have to first complete all of ARR Hildibrand quests, which I’d not yet unlocked on Koh. Scylla was up for speed running Hildy quests yesterday (it was a piece of cake to unsync through trials) so that we could both start the Scholasticate quest lines.

We finished up all that today – Koh got her glasses, the Spectacles emote and a new scholarly coat! Actually, I felt the story was pretty good, too!