August 2023

Moonfire Time

Posted on: August 10

Ah! ‘Tis Moonfire time once more!

Front Row Seats!

Posted on: August 10

We Be Dancin’!

Posted on: August 10

And the rain don’t stop this dance!

Go, Go Allagan Rangers!

Posted on: August 10

Amon and Scylla wish you the best Moonfire!

I Got a Spiffy New T-Shirt Today!

Posted on: August 13

Cozy FFXIV Swap Art Party

Posted on: August 13

Currently: Chilling at the cozy art party!

Local T-Shirt Shoppe...

Posted on: August 14

Local t-shirt shoppe continues to inspire new purchases!

Two Shards

Posted on: August 15

It was completely accidental that two Convocation shards ended up cousins in my story.

Back when I decided that Tad would be my (Allagan) shard of Azem, I could have never guessed Amon was a shard of Fandaniel.

That’s just how it shook out in the end!

So, have a pair of trouble making cousins, who are now your problem, Eorzea. Sorry, not sorry!


Posted on: August 17

Who gave this scoundrel a cheeky new emote? Not I, says the Mun!

Weird Allagans

Posted on: August 17

Just weird Allagans doing weird Allagan things.

((I wanted to see what the headphones looked like on Elezen and it escalated from there.))

Helix Phoenix!

Posted on: August 27

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