May 2023

Sneaky New Friend!

Posted on: May 9

This has been a tricky Bud to catch, but we've made acquaintances now!

Replendent Pick!

Posted on: May 13

Amon was a little behind on his mining log, but I pushed through to get both the blessed mineking's pickaxe and the resplendent minefiend's pickaxe today!

Pixel Amon

Posted on: May 21

I was trying to get a head start on Junelezen when I ran across a filter that makes pixel art.

Amon Inspo Chart

Posted on: May 26

Sorry, Fandaniel. You know you’ve done something wrong when someone would rather be a clone than be you.

Puffin Friend Unexpectedly Arrives!

Posted on: May 26

Hamm gave up its puffin friend. I shall take good care of them!

Barbie Mugshot Meme

Posted on: May 28

The moment I saw the meme, I knew I had to try this - Amon is always getting in trouble with Gridanian authorities, after all!

Clicked for Science!

Posted on: May 29

Tumblr gave us a Frog button!

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