For quite a while, I’ve been mulling over what I want to call Part 2 of Spot of Mummery, and finally last night, I’ve found the name for it! I felt that old story arcs from my previous writings have been mostly resolved, and now it’s on to other things for Amon – namely whatever’s going to happen in Endwalker! 

For this expansion, I’d like to try to keep my writings current, which wasn’t something I felt I could do with Shadowbringers due to travel to the First, and (mostly) the Crystal Tower’s prominence. So this gives me a chance to allow Amon to further explore the world as we will be doing very soon! (I may come back to the First in time, though…) 

I moved the Journal section to the new Forge Ahead page today. I’ve also posted a new Journal #4 wherein Amon struggles with his growing feelings for a certain someone. 

But you’re not allowed to read this! It’s heavily encrypted, after all!